Monday, September 29, 2014

September 23rd-29th

(9/23) Work day for Dad and me and Sarah had the littles.  Nanan grabbed C from school and he turned down ice cream (who is this child!?!!) so he could come home and play video games.  Yeesh.  The teen had drama practice and rode the bus home. I made tacos for dinner and Nanan stayed, so we got to visit.  It was a good evening. 

(9/24)  Busy day on tap today!  Bigs have school, Dad has work and the littles and I have a date with the library for Toddler Story Time.  The littles listened so well today - they participated in all the songs and even sat and read the books.  Amazing difference from just last week when they wandered around and didn't really engage until the bubbles came out.  Since it was rainy and yucky out, we stopped at the store for some soup and then they hollered at me when I passed the park on the way home.  Sorry, boys.  I fixed some lunch and put them down for a nap and then soon Nanan appeared to watch them while I ran to get the bigs and take the teen to her appointment.  Got home from that and got the bigs started on homework while I got dinner together.  Nanan escaped somewhere in that madness.  Can't say I blame her ;)

(9/25)  Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  C's Curriculum Night was tonight and I ended up going since Dad wasn't feeling so hot.  I love that kind of thing!  He is going to have a great year - his teacher has taught all ages and is very comfortable with multiple levels in the same class.  They have a Smart Board up front and just got to use the Chrome Notebooks the other day.  C came home saying he was going to save up for his own.  Of course.  I took a form to volunteer, but I haven't filled it out because I've really enjoyed my last few Wednesdays with just the twins and think they need some of me too.  Maybe I can go on field trips or help with projects or something. 

(9/26)  Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the boys.  Traffic has been miserable lately, so I knocked off a little early and made it to her house early and had enough time to cook dinner for the boys and see the teen off to a slumber party with a couple of friends from school.  Grandma and Granddad came to watch the boys so I didn't have to haul them with me to a training on "How to work with your child's school."  Good stuff!  The boys were almost asleep when I came in and it was nice to visit with the grandparents for a bit tonight.   

(9/27) Didn't do a whole lot today.  C had hockey in the morning, but came home feeling really crummy.  He laid on the couch for most of the morning. I ran out and grabbed the teen and Starbucked us before Dad had to leave for work.  She left for her visit about an hour later, and was gone for half the day.  It was a good visit and I'm happy for her!  The twins and I played around the house and I got a few things done while they were napping and C was watching Power Rangers - "not for fun, but to get some ideas for building Legos."   Right.  I chopped up pretty much all of our veggies and roasted, froze, and crockpotted most of them.  I tried a new recipe tonight (the Maple Dijon Chicken).  I thought it was very tasty, but the teenager requested that I cook my veggies separately and away from their food "because eating vegetables makes you old."  This from the girl that would like to become vegetarian.  Uh, sorry sister.  The rest of the evening we spent hanging out.  C was up and racing trucks with the littles, so I'm thinking he feels better!  We watched Hook tonight, since the teen watched Peter Pan yesterday, and she spent most of the time telling the TV that's not how the story goes, and wanting Robin Williams to be cuter.

(9/28) Today I got to run all over Bellingham with Granddad!  We did the Bellingham Bay Half and I took Grandma's place because she injured herself.  :(  We had a great time, even though both of our training was less than stellar.  We just really enjoyed the course. Yeah, that's it.  Dad had the kiddos while I was gone.  C had a game in the morning and ended up playing on the Falcon's team because they were short a player.  The teenager spent most of the day helping a friend paint her room and came home when I had finally sat down on the couch and attempted to catch a few winks while the boys were racing their trucks around the kitchen and living room.  No sleep for me!  Dad ran out and did all the shopping and bought all the things.  We had spaghetti and kneeballs (meatballs) for dinner, then kiddos had baths and the teen spent more time yelling at the TV again.  (This cracks me up!)

(9/29) Zzz... happy Monday.  It's National Coffee Day, which should totally be a holiday, right?  I am working today and Dad has the kiddos. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 16th-22nd

(9/16)  Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the kiddos.  She called and I rushed home to collect the kiddos. C was very bummed that I picked him up. He loves going over there. Our thoughts are with them this week... The teen had drama practice so got home later and got out of making dinner since I was home.  She seems to really be liking drama - I'm glad!   

(9/17)  Work day for Dad and I had the kiddos.  I took the littles to story time at the library and we came home for nap.  Nanan came after they were down so I could go collect the teen from school and then C for the teen's appointment.  We hit the pet store after to replace her betta fish that jumped out of its cup during a tank change :(  And C got one of his own and named it Seahawk.  The kiddos had me so frazzled while prepping dinner tonight with both bigs doing homework and talking to Nanan and the twins spilling drinks that I misplaced the pizza crust and completely forgot where I put it.  I, uh, threw it away.  Thankfully it was still in the bag and usable... but still.  I guess I can only do about 40 different things at once.

(9/18) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  I went to a class after work and didn't get home until after the littles went to bed.  Dad and the teenager left to grocery shop while I got C to bed, and I got some time to read in between. 

(9/19)  Work day for Dad and me and Sarah had the twinsies.  I took off early from work so I could go get C from school.  I met the teenager at home and after a quick snack, we piled in the car to go to Sarah's and then all piled in her car to go out to the aquatics center.  We had the best time!  The Snohomish facility has a toddler area, a lazy river, a water slide and was perfect.  I didn't have to worry about C or the teen and just had to keep an eye on the littles.  J had a meltdown about putting on his suit and getting his hair wet, but we got over it and played the entire time in the toddler area.  D got brave and did the slide by himself and started getting pretty adventurous and wanted to go in the deeper water and to check out the lazy river.  The lifeguards tried to tell the littles a bazillion times to walk, but they're just not capable, I've decided.  We all crashed soon after getting home and inhaling the dinner Dad left for us.  

(9/20)  Slept in this morning and it was heavenly!  Got the kiddos up and off to hockey practice.  I actually got to watch a bit because the littles sat quietly for snacks and then played on my gadgets.  After hockey, we made a run to the store to grab an on-the-road lunch for all of us.  We went home, finished prepping lunch and off we headed to take the teenager up to visit a friend.  Sounds like a great plan, eh?  The teenager's friend went on a sleepover and was unreachable while we were there.  We ran out to a park to try to salvage some of the day, and then tried another friend but she wasn't home either.  The teenager was pretty homesick and I felt bad the day was such a flop.  I asked the kids if they would like strawberry or chocolate sundaes, and D went from sound asleep to shouting "CHOCOLATE!" at the mere mention of ice cream.  Silly boy!  We had our ice cream before dinner, because ice cream.  And then I packed the kiddos back in the car and we headed to a training for me at the church and the boys went to daycare.  We got home super late, and D had a meltdown about leaving his popcorn for tomorrow.  And they have to get up early tomorrow... Whoops.  

(9/21)  This morning I ran the Beat the Blerch race with some work peeps and Sarah.  C had hockey at the obscene hour of 7am, which meant that all the boys were roused at 6am to get them on the road on time.  None of them was happy.  My handsome big boy does look awesome in red!  The bigs were supposed to get to go bowling with a friend today, but every friend was already busy and nothing worked out so Dad called it.  Everyone was home when I arrived, even Nanan stopped in to pick up her pup that we've been watching.  We had a short, but nice visit and Zoe was stoked to go home!  I was starving, so suggested the buffet for dinner.  Something for everyone :)  C piled his plate so high he barely made a dent.  The littles were excited about "lellow" (originally yello Jello) and chocolate.  I told them we were going to the place with Jello and they knew right where we were headed.  It was a peaceful enough evening that I caught a cat nap while the littles were out banging trucks into the "hot-e-cue" (barbecue) and zooming around the kitchen.  Baths and bedtime for all, and then wind down time for us.  

(9/22) Happy Monday!  Dad has the littles, bigs have school and I am at work.  It is also open house night for the teenager, so I get to go check out her classes :) 


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


J: Why?
D: Because!
J: Why?
D: Because!
J: Why?
D: Because!

D: Open my door-able!  (door)

Me: I see the water!
D: I see camping!

Passing a handicap parking space
D: I see the potty!

J: Can I have it, Super On? (Superman shirt)

J (runs around the room): Zoom!

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 9th-15th

(9/9) I took today off and promptly filled it with appointments.  Our first appointment of the day was with our teenager and it ran way longer than I anticipated.  So much so that I had to run home and grab the twinsies so Dad could go to work.  After it wrapped up, I picked up the teen and then finally got her to school during 5th period.  Yeesh.  The twins were horrified that I left her at the "library" and sobbed about not being able to stay and play.  It was way past lunch time, so we stopped and grabbed enough to picnic at the park and stayed through nap until it was time to go get C from school.  The teenager stayed after class to audition for the school play and called us to collect her later this evening.  She thinks it went well, so we're holding our breath for Friday! 

(9/10) Today was my normal day off, which I had also filled with stuff and things.  Dentist for me in the AM, then story time for littles with Nanan and then coffee and lunch for all of us before we collected the bigs from school.  Story time was a riot, as usual.  The twins ran around, tried to escape and didn't participate in anything except for a couple of songs. I'm really glad the librarian is understanding of toddlers and I don't worry about them not sitting with me and doing their own thing.  They crashed hard after lunch, and Nanan stayed so I didn't have to wake them.  C decided not to come out with his teacher and about gave me a heart attack.  He had gone back in and checked out a book that was way above his level.  When his teacher suggested that he probably wouldn't get through it, he told her that I would read it.  Uh, dear child, I don't think that's the point ;)  

(9/11) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  He took the littles in for hair cuts and I spent the day mourning J's curls.  They're still so cute, but look so much more grown up with buzzed heads.  I can't resist rubbing J's head now 'cuz it's so fuzzy.  I was home late today so didn't see them in person until I went up to read C's book.  Yeah, I don't think we're going to finish in time.  Can he just watch the movie?  (Eragon)

(9/12)  Work day for Dad & me, school for the bigs and Kathy had the boys.  The teenager made us dinner tonight and it was very good.  I had time enough to wolf some food down before Grandma arrived to watch everyone before book club this evening.   I'm glad I re-read the book (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) since I've read the whole trilogy and seen the movies and couldn't remember where the first one left off.  Good discussion, and of course good wine and desserts.  Fun evening! It sounds like Grandma had fun too!

(9/13) Last hockey tryout for C this morning before they start practice on their new teams!  We heard late today that he is a Mighty Mite and are so proud of him!  I had run about 8 miles this morning before I left and clocked another 2 chasing the twinsies around the rink during practice.  Needless to say, we all zonked at naptime.  We left just before dinner to stop and pick up something for my nephew's birthday this evening... because I'm prepared like that.  And off we went to Red Robin for dinner.  We had a great time and the herd was really well behaved for length of time we sat.  At the end, I let them get thoroughly sugared up with cupcakes and had to take them to the park to burn off some of it.  After that we headed home to collapse again. 

(9/14)  C and Dad headed to hockey this morning, the teen wanted to go to church so we dropped her and the littles and I headed to the park.  We returned in time to collect the teen and then go make lunch.  C came home and instructed me in the art of making sushi (wrap, but whatever....) and Dad went out shopping.  We putzed around for the afternoon and took care of Sunday chores.  For dinner, we emptied out the veggie bin and Dad found something to do with the fennel we got in our box last week.  He made the best cucumber fennel salsa!  I caught up on some TV after the littles went down.  I might be ready for season premieres this fall!

(9/15) Back to work with me today.  No more vacation planned for a while and I have to survive a whole normal week! Womp womp.  Dad has the kiddos today and we're supposed to be enjoying summer's last hurrah.