Monday, July 21, 2014

July 15th-21st

(7/15)  Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the kids.  She managed the chaos just fine, and the house was still standing again when I got back.  Yay!  Today was good all around, so yay for that too. 

(7/16) Work day for Dad and I had the kiddos.  Our teenager had court in the morning, so Nanan came to fill in the gap between that and when Dad needed to leave.  After the twinsies went down, the teenager and I ran out for a b-day gift for our neighbor, and then I somehow wound up with 4 girls staying in a tent in my backyard. I made them all popcorn and sent them outside to watch movies and get out of my hair.  Worked for me! 

(7/17) Work day for me and Dad had alllll the kiddos.  Dad took C & the twins out for wings when the girls had their visit and said the twins were super confused by their food.  I got leftovers from that, so I'm not complaining ;)  The girls got to go out for dinner with Dad after they came home and the boys and I shared some more "delicious."  So yeah, it was a healthy day of eating for sure. 

(7/18) I took today off because we are headed out camping!  We got loaded and sent Dad and the middles out with the camper and I brought the teenager and the twins after stopping for more books and coffee. We arrived around lunch and bummed around until everyone else came.  The middles played games, and we took them down to the river.  J got in a 10 minute car nap, but D was over tired and wired.  Between my run in the morning and following them around, I logged almost 12 miles.  They drove their trucks in the dirt, "went camping" (which meant visiting Sarah's site), and visited the potty no less than 5 billion times....because it is the best place ever?  After the sugar high from the smores mostly wore off, I put the littles down.  They talked forever, and D was still talking when we all climbed in bed at around 10pm. 

(7/19) After breakfast Sarah & I took all the older kiddos out on a hike to Boardman Lake.  It's about a mile out and was more climbing than I remembered.  Still a beautiful hike!  Two of our kiddos brilliantly decided to go swimming (and did not have a change of clothes.. because it was a whopping 57* out).  They got soaked and had to hike back soggy.  Dad managed to get the twins down while we were away, so when we returned Sarah & I got to visit and the kids split off and played cards or along the river.  We had a group potluck tonight and everybody brought such good food (and drinks!).  Had a great night around the fire - and the twins even went down at a reasonable time so we were able to hang with the adults and enjoy ourselves. 

(7/20) Last day camping.  It poured during the night and woke J up, but he finally snuggled in with us and went back to sleep until 7:30a.  We had breakfast and broke camp and were home before lunch.  I couldn't justify putting clean clothes on the grubby boys, so they (and everyone else!) got a bath immediately upon unloading the camper.  They went down for a nap, and after that we went for an early dinner at a buffet.  D kept stealing sweet things off the teenager's plate.   She didn't guard it well, and he's fast so scored on a number of occasions.  After dinner we dropped off Dad and our younger girl and went to terrorize the library.  We were definitely that family yesterday. The littles were being loud and had messy diapers, and didn't want to leave, and C was sulking because I didn't get him a library card and the teen got one and on and on.  We couldn't leave fast enough.  Took them home and I stated I was officially DONE for the evening. 

(7/21) Zzz... Happy Monday.  I am working today, and Dad has the kiddos, but I don't think there is anything that we have to do beyond that. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 8th-14th

(7/8) Tell me, how can my biggest boy be SEVEN? Didn't we just bring him home from the hospital? We love him so! Both Dad and I had to work today, and C had a pretty rough day. Being seven is hard work, after all. There was lots of drama on his part and he proclaimed it to be the worst birthday ever when I suggested that he might try going outside and seeing if one of his friends appeared rather than wallowing around inside the house claiming he had no friends, hated the outside, nobody ever-ever plays with him and I was wrong-wrong-wrong! Tomorrow should be fun with this attitude....ahem. Coming back to reality is the pits, buddy, I know.

(7/9) C wanted a slumber party and to play video games all day. I told the girls they could each have one friend as well. So if anybody is counting, that's 4 boys, the twinsies, 2 eight-year old girls and 2 teenagers. And Dad worked tonight so just read this as I'm insane. I made pizza, let them play video games, squirt guns, Legos and Nerf. Pulled them in when it got too dark and put on a movie. The teenagers went out in the tent to watch movies and I put the girls upstairs. Our younger girl's friend decided she didn't feel well, so went home and our girl came down to join the boys for the movie and camp-out in our living room. I was pretty much done when Dad appeared at 11:30p, and tried to go to sleep. That lasted until 1a when the teenagers got scared and came in. And then I heard the big boys awake at 5:30a and went up to growl at them and grudgingly get up to go to work.

(7/10) I left Dad bright and early this morning with a large herd of children and cinnamon rolls. He hardly slept either, and we both spent the day in a fog. Our younger girl had a dentist appointment today, so Sarah graciously had the rest of my exhausted crew over. There was also neighborhood drama piled on top of drama today, which is always more fun when you're tired! We sent everyone to bed early at the conclusion of the day and said no more slumber parties EVER and crashed.

(7/11) I still feel like I was hit by a bus, but am feeling slightly better today. It was a work day for Dad & I and Kathy had the kiddos. There were more drama and misunderstandings today, coupled with erratic emotions from the girls. On their behalf, let me just say GRRRRRRR. And insert mama bear here. Kathy said it was a good day other than that, which is the upside, I guess.

(7/12) IT'S HOT! The younger girl spent the day at a friend's (in her pool) and the older one decided on a lazy day, which I totally approved! C had swim lessons and then got invited to the park. He was anxious to get home because his package of Legos was due to arrive any second. Once it arrived he built and built and built. We have a ginormous tub of Legos on the landing and the twins walk by and grab handfuls, so there are Legos EVERYWHERE. J is getting quite good at assembling them. I'm really impressed! After dinner, since it at least a billion degrees inside, I told the kids we needed ice cream. We piled in the car and went to the store. The bigs ran off to try to find something to buy with a dollar and the littles were in the cart with me. J is still super sound sensitive, so covers his ears when the cart rattles on the cement on the way in. D is helpful and hollers "JJ IS OKAY! JJ IS STILL OKAY!" Once inside the store, we cruised by the ice cream aisle and as soon as I put it in the cart, J says "Delicious!" He started to get upset when I went to put the 'delicious' on the belt, so I let him hold it until the very nice checker could scan it and let him have it back. He gave all the kids stickers, and I complimented them all for their behavior in the store! We got home, had our delicious and had a relaxing evening.

(7/13) I had a race in Seattle this morning. I was supposed to do the half, but I haven't been training much as of late (sleep trumping the need to run) and didn't want to kill my foot... and there was the heat factor. I don't feel a bit bad about switching down to the 5k. Sarah ran hard and took second in her age group, and I didn't run hard and turned in a pretty normal time. We had Starbucks and chocolate and spent a lovely morning in the sun at Gas Works. I had told Dad that if I was home in time I'd take the girls to church for the later service. The teen wasn't feeling so great, so we had bagged it the night before and forgot to include him (sorry, hon!). But the younger one was chomping at the bit to go outside. After I got home, the teenager decided she wants to sign up for a race. Think I'll grab the Couch to 5k for her and get us started :) The rest of the day was spent doing normal Sunday chores (grocery shopping, napping, reading, etc.) It was still really hot, so we had more delicious after an equally delicious kabob dinner.

(7/14) And here we are at Monday again. It's a work day for me and Dad has the kiddos. Might be another chill (er, not) day at our house.
The teenager is very in to Fruits Basket

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 1st-7th

(7/1) Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the herd.  The house was still standing and everyone survived - HOORAY!  And she said she'd come back.  So all good things.  LOL!   Our whirlwind evening blew by and it was bedtime before I knew it.  Whew!

(7/2) Poor dad woke up feeling miserable.  Seriously, this stuff has got to GO.  I had court with the older girl and thankfully my mom had planned to be there to watch the kiddos while we were out.  Dad was able to rest, even with everyone clomping around above his head.  We brought him home some more ginger ale and Gatorade, and he gradually felt better as the day went on... but yuck.  The older girl and I snuck in a shopping trip and picked out some new things and I took the bigs to the bike shop to get the new-to-us bike's tires pumped up and ready for action.  The kiddos all played outside in the afternoon.  It was nice to have Dad home for the day, but we sure hope he feels better tomorrow!

(7/3) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  C's last hockey practice is tonight, and Dad proposed taking all the bigs out to dinner to celebrate.  The only hitch in our giddy-up was a bummer of a visit for the girls, and the younger decided to hang with me. So we watched movies and stayed up late.  I'm glad we were both there to 'catch' them today. Sucks.

(7/4) We had the best 4th!  Kathy invited us to a barbecue at her place and I was able to take the entire herd.  We had dinner, the kids frosted ice cream cones and decorated them in red, white and blue, and of course begged approximately every 2 seconds to light off more fireworks!  We didn't finish blowing up part of the neighborhood until past midnight.  D babbled the whole way home - "Bye stop sign!  Bye gas station!"  J does not care for loud noises so kept peeking at us through the screen, and D would holler "AGAIN!" after every pop.  Such opposites, those two! 

(7/5) Everyone slept late today.  My sis came for a visit at lunch and Nanan came to kidnap C for a few days.  He'll enjoy having some one on one attention, I'm sure.  My sis and I had a lovely visit and she got a chance to meet the girls.  She even got roped into playing Playdoh!  The kiddos were again out playing until dark.  We even had an extra girl over while her dad was off watching the Sounders lose (boo!).  I've met so many neighborhood kids and parents lately.  It's been a good thing!

(7/6) Woke up earlyish and took the girls to church.  I like going to the early service so we have the rest of the day.  The girls were out with friends pretty much all day today.  Love the summertime!  The younger one forgot to listen on her way out and missed check-in time, so lost outside privileges after dinner, which was very disappointing for her.  The older one tried her hand at ice skating, followed by ice cream.  She much preferred the latter :)  It was pretty warm today, so the littles played in the pool and had popsicles for snack.  And before we knew it, the day was over. 

(7/7)  Busy day.  Work day for me, and Dad has the kiddos and a repair appointment for our van.  Sure hope it's easily resolved - we need it!  C comes home too, somewhere in all of this.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 24th-30th

When the twins cook
(6/24) Work day for dad and me and Kathy had ALL the kiddos at our house.  She said it went really well.  Phew!  We continued the relaxed vibe into the evening.  

(6/25) Fun day today!  Nanan came to stay with the littles so I could take the big kids to a tie-dying party at the park.  I packed a picnic and an extra teenager, and off we went. We had a really nice time, and we can't wait to see how our shirts came out! The kiddos were outside all afternoon and I dragged them in one by one as the evening drew to a close.

(6/26) Busy day!  I worked and Dad had the kiddos.  He ran the girls out for new coats and to get camping supplies.  Then they had their visit and Dad came home from dropping them to take C to hockey.  I came home so he could leave and was here to meet the girls when they got home.  Got them dinner and situated and waited for the boys to come home.  Positive vibe today, makes me optimistic for their future!  

(6/27) Mad rush to get all packed, and D is barking like a seal.  Sigh.. We ended up flipping a coin in deciding whether or not to take the twins camping or have me stay home with them.  I picked tails for them to go and it was heads.  So we stayed home, and it was probably a good thing.  D had a 100.5 fever, that nasty cough and his poor nose ran like a faucet all weekend.  Even J started coughing.  I'm so ready for everyone to be healthy!  I hoped D would take a long nap, but he took a short one and then was grumpy all afternoon. J, on the other hand, took a FIVE hour nap and then was wired.  We watched some TV and had a quiet afternoon/dinner.  I actually got to sit and watch TV in a totally quiet house this evening.  I marathoned Revenge episodes and stayed up way too late.  And y'all know what Murphy's law says about that....

(6/28) 6a rolls around and D is yelling. I stumble up there to discover he is hollering because J is not wearing a diaper, and appears to have not worn it for some time.  Yay.  J told me "gross" all while I was cleaning up.  Thanks, buddy.  After that, the twinsies and I bummed around until the power went out.  And I had *no* way to reheat my coffee.  The horrors!  We piled in the car and ran to the store.  And no, I did not get any coffee.  But we did stop at the park on the way home.  It was a whopping 60* and I could not keep a jacket on J, nor could I keep D out of the puddles.  D came running up to rat out J after dunking himself in the puddle, as a good brother should.  Came home for nap, and once again the sickie didn't sleep so well.  Nanan came after dinner so we could watch a movie after the twins went down.  Never thought I'd call a weekend with 2.5 yr old twins *quiet*, but it was!

(6/29) Dad texted around 9 this morning and said they were soaked and would be home in 3 hours.  The twins and I hopped in the car and went to go grab lunch (grilled cheese sammiches fixins & soup) and had it ready by the time they came home.  We had lunch, got the camper unloaded and then Dad passed out for a few while the bigs watched a movie.  After the movie was over, we kicked them outside to go play.  We ended up with an extra teenager this evening & have an extra full house!  C lost tooth #5 (?) this evening and will get a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  Pretty cool :)

(6/30) I'm off today since I was supposed to be camping.  We'll have breakfast and probably run errands and do exciting things and stuff like that.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 17th-23rd

(6/17) Dad took today off to spend with the kiddos.  C had school and I had to work.  The kiddos were wired for sound when I got home, so I sent the bigs outside.  The girls are making great use of the wheels we have available and I hope to run the extra bike in tomorrow to get its tire fixed, and then everyone will have their own wheels. And yay for nice weather so we're not all cooped up inside!

Instantaneous recovery when the word "outside" was uttered
(6/18) Last day of school for the C-monster.  Official new 2nd grader hawk!  Can't believe it.  I took him to school and then came home to grab the rest of the kiddos so we could meet Sarah and her littles at the park.  After the bigs got bored, I ran them to the library to pick up some reserved items for the oldest and signed all the kids up for the summer reading program.  We then grabbed C from school and came home for lunch and nap.  After nap, we had a couple of errands to run.  Got everyone loaded in the car and got 5 blocks from home and poor J exploded... all over himself, the van, everywhere.  Poor bubba!  Turned around, cleaned him & the van up, re-loaded the van and then headed off to drop off some items, run the extra bike in to get its tire fixed for our youngest girl and then hit the library to pick up more books for the oldest because she inhaled her book this morning.  As soon as we got home, I started to make up dinner and our younger girl comes in to tell us the other tire popped.  UGH!  And I don't know if it was cleaning up the van or real, but now I'm not feeling so hot, nor is the oldest.  Can't.get.sick!

(6/19)  It's never a good sign when you get a text that says "Bring Gatorade, Jello, applesauce and bananas."  Poor Dad was sick-sick-sick.  I came home armed with Gingerale, Gatorade, Jello and applesauce.  We ran out to get the bike's tire fixed, and it turned out to be the same tire as yesterday, just a bad tube.  I couldn't remember, but the guy that worked on the bike said he was pretty sure it was the one they replaced, so he put on a heavier-duty one and just charged me the difference.  Nice!  Now they're all wheeled and can motor around the block.  We also had to go to the library to get more books because the oldest inhaled three of them yesterday. After we got back, I loosed the hounds and said GO PLAY.  Made lunch, napped the littles and tried to keep a periodic eye on the bigs.  Finally dragged them in for dinner and a movie.  Dad was finally feeling more human so got to enjoy it with us.

D having a "noisy" - what he calls smoothies
(6/20) Called out of work today because I didn't want to expose anyone else to this lovely intestinal party.  Not that having a stomach bug is fun, but I'm glad I was here this week, so I could be here for the girls' transition and so that we got the whole mini freak out about having to take care of FIVE children when we're not at our best out of the way.  We all fortunately felt better today - the bug got 6/7 of us, so we were prepared for #7 to come down with it too.  She may have lucked out though!  We had a busy/not-busy day of a lot of outside play intermixed with some video games and reading.  The girls left midday for their visit and it was crazy quiet in here.  I think I'm getting used to the chaos :)  After they came home, they took to their bikes and raced around the neighborhood.  They both have made new friends nearby and C has been right in the thick of things.  The littles were adorable today.  D's language and sentence structure have really taken off lately.  He told me he wanted to watch Sesame Street, and when I got out the Elmo and Big Bird stuffies, he gave one to J for him to hug, and told him "Nice hug, J-j!"  It was a late night for bigs decompressing from the day, but we have no plans tomorrow so look forward to another full day of lazing and playing.

I woke her up early to go running ;)
And D is outta there!
(6/21) Last night I told the girls that we could get stuff to make cupcakes and could take a trip to the park.  So they biked around home for the first half of the day, then we trekked to the store and got cupcake stuff and stopped at the park on the way home.  The stupid bug struck the last healthy person, and we sped back home.   I made up dinner and doled out applesauce.  And told them to keep things lower-key for the rest of the evening.  Cupcakes were made and delivered to friends, bikes were ridden we had a pretty chill rest of the day.

(6/22) Woke up earlyish and checked on the younger girl and she said her stomach really hurt, so I left her home with Dad and the boys while the oldest and I went to church.  It was a good service on parenting being equal parts awesome and difficult.  Timely, indeed.  After church, we hit the Bux and then I stopped by the store and picked up lunch to share with the littler guys while the oldest and C went off to the farm in search of berries for making up jam.  There was nap time, play time, train building time, jam time and dinner all in there, followed by game playing, baths and stories.

(6/23) Work day for me and Dad has the kiddos.  Our younger girl has a dental appointment today and Sarah is watching the rest of the herd for her appointment.  Hopefully we are free of the crud and *do not* share!

I love the rainbow above & BEWARE below (there wasn't
room for the word zombies).  We were reading Goosebumps..
so they have zombies on the brain.