Monday, April 14, 2014


D (driving by the lake): I see the puddle!

D: Kingcomer!  (what he's calling carrots right now)

And D is wet in 3...2....1
D: Hi Colton! How are you?
C: I just went to the bathroom, you don't have to ask.

Dad: Let's turn around here.
C: But I want to climb up there!
Dad: I'm out of shape. 
Me: And your brothers aren't quite ready for long hikes yet.
C: But of course, I am in perfect shape!

D: Did you have a good day?
Me: Yep!  Did you have a good day?
D: Uhmm, NO!

D: I see the moon!
Me (turning the corner): Uh-oh, where'd the moon go?
D: Where'd the moon go?  Fix it!
Me (turning the corner): Look, I see it!
D: Yaaaay, fixed the moon! 

April 8th-14th

Love our pictures from Lilja Photography!
(4/8) Work day for Dad & me and Kathy had the kiddos. I attended a baby shower today for a coworker.  I had so much fun shopping for a little girl the other day :) Not that little boys aren't fun ~ it's just fun to shop for the other flavor.  Had a nice night with the boys - we spent the evening watching baseball and I whipped up some burgers to go with.  Appropriate baseball viewing eats!

(4/9) Work day for Dad and day off for me.  I worked in C's classroom this morning and Nanan came to watch the littles.  She stayed for all of their nap so I didn't have to wake them when I went to get Colton.  We were going to go to the park this afternoon after school, but J took such a long nap that we ended up just playing in the yard and calling it good.  Part 2 of their bath (part 1 was playing in the dogs' water bucket) came after dinner, followed by bedtime.

(4/10) Work day for me and Dad had the boys.  C started hockey camp tonight and came home with a sweet new jersey!  I had some time with my little boys and we watched some McQueen together before they headed up to bed.

(4/11) Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the kiddos.  I pulled up and Colton was riding a tiny tricycle. He cracks me up!  Got home and crammed in dinner and some TV together before bedtime.  It's been a battle over keeping J's diaper on lately.  I've resorted to putting him in a pull-up with a snapped diaper cover over the top and jammies over that.  He can get through all of them, including when I put the diaper cover on backward.  I'm ready to pull out the duct tape.  Went through 3 diapers tonight, and he didn't even quit when it was pitch-black out. Brat.

(4/12) We had a chill day today.  Colton discovered a yard sale a few blocks up and some new kids to play with.  He threw an epic fit when I told him he couldn't spend his life savings at their sale, and threw a long enough tantrum that I covertly videoed parts of to send to his father.  If I had to suffer through it, so did he! Really, I was just trying not to laugh at the drama.  After nap, I packed all the boys up and we went to the park and played there until dinner.  We then headed over to Granddad's because Uncle Craig is in town!  The littles ate and ate and ate tonight, and I caught D up on the table no less than 4 times trying to steal the frosting off the cookie cake.  We had a great time, and finally the four of us big kids were in the same location so Grandma could get a picture. We were there waaaay past bedtime and the littles were wired for sound by the time we got home. Weeeee!

(4/13) Lovely day today.  Of course the boys were up at normal time (7:30a) and once we dragged ourselves out of bed, we packed everybody up for a nice drive.  We drove out to Umtanum for a picnic and to scout out a couple of camping areas.  We wandered around our picnic spot, the boys tossed some rocks in the river and of course D got soaked less than 5 minutes in.  We crossed the rail road tracks and went up the hill a ways and then came back down, choosing instead to go across the river instead of over it, getting our own shoes soaked.  We drove a little further and circled around and headed on home.  It was a lot of driving and Denton only asked how our days were about 52-billion times.  Good thing he's so cute ;)

(4/14) Monday again.  Dad has the boys, C has school and I am at work.

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 1st-7th

(4/1) Whatever hit me yesterday seems to have let up, and we went about life as normal.  Dad & I went to work and the kids went to Kathy's.  Kathy texted to let me know that C had spiked a fever.  Ugh.  After a rest and some meds, he was back (mostly) to normal.  I made the kids' favorite dinner and C barely touched it.  Poor bubba :(   I didn't hear a peep from any of the kids after I put them to bed.  Totally not normal. 

(4/2) Blah, sick-sick-sick.  Don't mind me while I crawl in a hole and die.  I felt so bad - it's C's spring break and we're stuck at home, inside.  I finally rallied enough to get everybody out into the back yard and the boys had a blast getting soaked in the dogs' water bucket and playing in the sand box.  I fell asleep pretty much as soon as the kiddos did.

(4/3)  I'm feeling much better today, but Dad isn't feeling so hot.  Dang.  This plague doesn't mess around...  He was off with the kids today and I went to work.  Thankfully, Nanan came and grabbed a stir-crazy C for an overnight.  That will be fun for him :)   Dad crashed as soon as I got home and could take care of the twins.  I hope he's feeling better tomorrow. 

(4/4)  Dad's still feeling awful, but had to go in to work anyway.  I went in too and the littles went to Kathy's.  I'm missing book club tonight with the girls, but after being so sick, a quiet night with my little guys was perfect.  After dinner, I put on Cars and we cuddled up on the couch.  After the littles went to bed, I caught up on some shows and then hit the hay myself.

(4/5)  Dad took the day off sick today.  The littles and I played playdoh and had a quiet morning together.  After nap, the twins and I piled in the car and met Nanan, Colton, Jake, Amber & Ryker at IHOP for birthday dinner.  Nanan's b-day is officially tomorrow, but when the stars align and we can actually get everyone in the same place, we take it!  C came back with us - we missed him!

(4/6) Hooray, Dad is back in the land of the living!  The boys and I played playdoh while he ventured out to run errands.  I unexpectedly had no afternoon plans, so after the littles went down, I caught a quick run and then C and I hiked up to Starbucks and to the park.  After everybody got up, we had dinner, watched hockey, had bath time, playtime and then finally bed time again.

(4/7) Wee, Monday! Back to school for C, to work with me & Dad has the littles. 

Me: Night-night, littles!  Love you!
D: Night-night littles! Lub you!
J: No night-night.  No lub you!
Me: Always, always love you!
J: No!
Me: Yes!
J: No yes!

Watching Cars:
D: Kachow!

D calls J "little boy"
D (offering grapes): Want some, boy?
D: Welcome, boy!

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 25th-31st

(3/25) Yay!  Everyone is healthy and it's back to work / school / Kathy's.  C has conference week and is off early each day.  I'm hopeful for some nice weather, so we can spend some time outside!

(3/26) Due to C's abbreviated school day, I didn't volunteer in his class today.  Nanan came early and stayed with the littles while I went to grab C from school, get lunch and drop him off at home so I could leave again and go to his conference.  His teacher had wonderful things to say and really *gets* first grade boys.  I'm so glad!  We had a chill rest of the day and I think I'm ready to take on the rest of the week.

(3/27) Boys were home with Dad today and I had to work. I came home and got to have dinner with the fam.  I came to the table with my coat on, and D told me right away that I needed to go take it off. He is the fun police - always making sure we're doing what we're supposed to!

(3/28) Poor little boys were both running temps today, so Dad kept them home and I worked like normal.  Our china hutch suffered a critical blow and lost the glass on one side, and then when I tried to turn it to face the wall, the leg broke.  It's been through so many kids... it'd be a shame if it is too costly to fix :(  I'm super bummed... but it was just an accident.  (C's chair tipped into it)   At least the littles were feeling better this evening.  I hope that's the end of that!

(3/29) Much needed lazy day! We got up late, went nowhere and loved it!  C was a quite the builder and constructed things out of Kinex and Legos all day.  The littles took a super long nap, but then had disgusting diapers all afternoon.  I ended up changing 5 diapers in the span of 30 minutes, if that gives you any idea.  They both woke up screaming during the night - D likes to sleep with the blanket on his head, but not over the rest of his body and gets cold (surprise)... and J, I think, just had a nightmare.

(3/30) We had our annual pictures taken today at Legion Park.  I can't wait to see how they turned out!  We missed the rain, but it sure was gray out.  The littles took another long nap and then we went out for Mexican this evening.  The twins didn't eat a whole lot, but they seem to be feeling much better.

(3/31) Work day for me, spring break for C and Dad has the herd.  Hope they have a fun day!

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 18th-24th

(3/18) Work day for Dad and me, but unfortunately Kathy & her son are really sick, so Nanan came to watch littles and I knocked off work early in time to get C from school. Before heading off to work, Dad took the littles to the dealership to get another key cut for the van and the dealership had some cute activity kits for the kids - smart dealership!

(3/19) Busy day for me. I had the day off and volunteered in the morning in C's class, then rushed home for one of our last home study interviews.  We're done with our part now; yay!  The twins took all of the DVDs down while I was talking... but at least it kept them entertained?  They only got a super short nap because my interview concluded at 1p and I had to wake them at 2:15p.  Talk about uber grumpy kids!  D has figured out how to unlock the fridge and make it rain in the kitchen, and J kept wanting to get allll the videos out again and they were just into everything tonight.  I actually ended up trying timeout with them, which resulted in the one not in timeout walking by and announcing "TWO MINUTES!"   Not so effective.  

(3/20) Work day for me and Dad had the kids.  Dad took the boys in for haircuts today and both D & J screamed through the entire thing. But they all look so cute!  Love coming home to my handsome dudes.

(3/21) I took today off since C didn't have school and we're trying to avoid the sickness at Kathy's house.  I packed lunch for the boys and we met up with Sarah & her boys at the park.  Of course the boy that wasn't wearing boots was first in the puddle... which meant all 3 were in the puddle.   C was rollerblading and managed to fall butt-first into it too.  Sigh.  I brought the twins's cars to play with, but toward the end of our playtime another set of twins showed up and they had even cooler cars.  In the time it took me to walk across the playground and get D's car, he had managed to finagle a spot in one of the better cars and was being pushed around the court.  He was soaking wet from having played in the puddle, it was all of 46* and windy as all get out and it was nap time, which all meant MELTDOWN when it was time to go.  C went home with Jor, and I guess they went back to Sarah's and fought for most of the time about what they were going to do.  Sarah dropped him off in time for dinner and then Nanan came to watch everybody so I could go to a movie with the girls.  Mom said the twins both escaped their beds and got into *everything* tonight... kind of like they do every night.  Weee.

(3/22) C had his team awards ceremony today and equipment return.  J so sweetly clapped for all the players whenever the audience clapped.  C earned an academic all-star award and a participation trophy.  He scored some ice cream at 11am, which was fine by me since there were berries to top it and the littles munched on those.   The littles napped the day away and finally woke up around 5pm when Sarah & Jamie came over for dinner.  We couldn't decide on what we wanted, and finally settled on Bento. Sarah went and grabbed it, and by the time we had all finished and played a bit, it was bedtime for little boys again. 

(3/23) What a beautiful day!  We kicked off the morning with twinsies actually *in* their beds (yahoo!).  After breakfast we packed the fam up and went to the park.  It felt so much warmer today, thought according to the car it was only 1* warmer than Fri at 47*.  Must've been the lack of wind.  We picked up lunch and came home to eat and put the boys down for a nap.  After they woke up, it was time for play followed by dinner, bath and bed. Here's hoping tonight has fewer get-ups than last night... For those playing the home game, I went up 13 times to put J back in bed, 2 times to stop J from removing his diaper and once to fetch D's toy.  

(3/24) Monday again.  It's conference week which means early release for C all week. Dad has the kiddos today and I am at work.