Monday, February 23, 2015

Chocolate Dreamin'

Granddad getting in on the fun!
D (waking up from a nap): I come back from outer space. I need chocolate.

D (morning revelations): I need cupcakes.

D: I need to go to Grandma's for a cookie.
Me: You're going to Grandma's after nap.
D: I need to wake up! I need to open my eyes!

D (looking at the cemetery): That's a big mess.

J (fresh out of a bath): I NEED A COZY!

D (at the gym daycare): See you next time, Mom!

D (channeling Dad): AGHHH!  I'M SCARED OF THE SUN!
Me: Why are you scared?
D: Because I am.

Dad (mumbling): Naughty boy.
D (grin): Yeah, I am naughty!

Cupcakes from Grandma!
D wished...Grandma delivered!
(2/17) Work day for me, and Dad stayed home sick.  Most of the house has a "stinky cough," as D calls it.  We do love to share.  Sigh.  I went home after work and helped hold down the couch too.  Here's to feeling better tomorrow!

J selfies!
D: Mom, I am hot!
(2/18) Work day for Dad and I had the kids today.  Totally failed to look at my calendar and completely missed C's dentist appointment this morning.  Dangit!  Dad still isn't feeling great, and was asleep, so I couldn't even stomp around like a 2 year old.... so I angrily did the dishes instead.  He felt good enough to go in to work though, which was good.  After nap, we headed out to grab the teen and then C from their schools.  We stopped for snacks at the store and booked it to the park to catch a little bit of sunshine.  We then headed home for a fast dinner before jumping back in the car to drop the teen at her appointment, and for the rest of us to go to the library.  Lots of juggling makes for an exhausting day.

(2/19)  Work day for Dad & me and Sarah had the boys.  I picked them up from her house and came home and made dinner.  We had a quiet evening in and the teen ended up falling asleep on the couch, only waking long enough to trudge upstairs for bed. I Netflixed until I couldn't keep my eyes open and also went to bed.  Another wild night at the Treehouse.

(2/20) Work day for me and Dad was off with the kids. I officially fail at managing everyone's schedule.  I told the teen to sleep in since she had a dentist appointment and was supposed to have sent her to school.  Dad dropped C off and then took her over for her appointment, and then got stuck there for over an hour with the twins. They came home and I jetted out the door for a lunch run with Sarah.  The rest of the day was thankfully pretty uneventful and less full of fail than this morning.

(2/21) Hockey for C this morning and the littles and I went to Zumba.  The quiet house freaked out the teenager.  I assumed she'd sleep in, but she must have missed the noise.  She had a visit today and was gone for that and our plans got cancelled so the rest of us had a nice, quiet, lazy day.  Dad still wasn't feeling well, so it worked out.  After naps, I took the boys to the park to play in the sunshine while Dad got dinner together.  Then the ever popular homework time.  Woo!  The kids eventually went to bed and we had the TV to ourselves for a bit.

(2/22) Caught a run with Sarah and came back to fancy breakfast sandwiches cooked up by Dad.  Dad and C left for C's hockey game and met up with Grandma & Granddad. Dad and C raided the store afterward and scored a new stick for C.  He'll need a new one for next year anyway since he's been growing like a weed.  The littles & I drove the teenager to the mall and D lobbied hard for Grandma's house all the way to the mall and back.  Patience, little dude!  We went home and watched the Mickey Mouse Club and the twins built train tracks until lunchtime.  They went upstairs for a nap pretty willingly since they knew a trip to Grandma's house was coming up after.  We dropped the twins and their trikes off with Grandma & Granddad and went to the hockey game.  The first goal was scored 14 seconds into the first period!  We ended up winning too.  Yay!  The blimp came by and dropped prizes and although a guy in front of us got to it first, he very generously handed it to C.  It ended up being Ryan Murray decals.  We have Ryan Callahan on the wall in C's room and C is excited to pit Ryan vs. Ryan. The teen picked a pink shirt from the team store. Very cute!  We dropped them at home so they could get started on their chores and I went out to grab the littles.  Grandma cooked up a bazillion cookies for us and sent them home.  They had such a fun time with the little men too.

(2/23) Happy Monday!  Back to work with Dad and me, Sarah has the littles and Nanan has the bigs.  Takes a village!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Trials of Threenagers and Teenagers

Me: Are you sleepy, Ds?
D: No!  I am tired, Mama. I am tired.

D: I am mad! (ad nauseum)

D: I need bake-its (biscuits) and jam!

C: Is this the way home?
Me: No, I forgot the way.  We'll just have to live here.
D: Where's the Treehouse?
Me: It moved!  Do you see it? We live here now.
D: The Treehouse moved!  The Treehouse moved!

J: We need to go to Moss Park!
Me: Forest?
J: Yeah, Moss Park!

Dropping kiddos at the gym daycare: 
D: See you tomorrow, Mom!

Looking at the sunset:
D: The clouds are for sun!
D: Where the pink clouds go?

(2/10) Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the kids.  Kathy is moving, and this is her last week watching the boys.  Thank you so much, Kathy!  We are going to miss ya!

(2/11)  Day off for me and work day for Dad.  Grandma met us at the house and we went to the museum.  We were there all of 10 minutes and had to rush Grandma back to her house.  I took some very mad boys back to the museum, and Grandma had given them a cupcake to smooth things over. We played at the museum through nap and returned home to grab some grub before heading to get C from school.  The teen joined us and we all went to Grandma's house to celebrate her birthday.  Granddad had an appointment that went pretty late, so we dug in to the macaroni she had left for us and went straight to cake once they got back.  Jake & Amber were over with the kids and it was nice to catch up with them!  

(2/12) Work day for Dad & me and Sarah had my kids.  I had a meeting at the teenager's school today, so was off early.  The meeting went pretty well, and I dropped the teen off at the park on the way home.  I had an hour to myself before going back to the park to meet Sarah and the boys.  Our plan was to throw food at the boys and then head to the gym.  For some reason the gym was a sauna tonight and we got halfway through Zumba and decided we'd had enough.  The teenager picked then to call... and wasn't home as we discussed.  Sarah and I hit the treadmills for a little more time and then picked up the kids.  In that time, the teen had called a bunch more times wanting to do other activities.  Yeahhh, no. Fun times at the Treehouse tonight.

(2/13) Work day for me and Dad was off with the kids.  The teen's costume for Comicon arrived.  She is going as Fionna from Adventure Time.  She headed out to show it off while I wrapped up work and Dad got dinner ready for the kids.  We put the twins in bed early and went to a show at Laughs.  The comedian made fun of those of us that get up at 6a (or before) and have "cute" bedtimes.  Dad and I laughed at each other.  It was good to have a night away!

D: My big red beast dudes!  (sunglasses)
We love the "Zeeum"
(2/14) Happy Valentine's Day!  I got everyone some chocolate, which is always a big hit at my house.  The teen had a visit today and C has the weekend off from hockey.  Yahoo!  Dad went out to grocery shop first thing since we're out of pretty much everything, and the kids and I spent the morning hanging out in our jammies. Once the littles got up from nap, I took the boys out to the park where we were joined by Sarah and her guys.  We stayed for about an hour before meeting the teenager back at the house so we could go out to dinner.  Dad took us to the buffet as a Valentine's Day treat.  It was packed, but we eventually scored a spot.  The twins ate their weight in fish sticks and C sampled so many things that he had a royal stomach ache on the way home.  He wasn't too full for popcorn, however.  Must be the dessert stomach. :)  We watched Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very  Bad Day.  So cute!  And then watched Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore.  Also very good.  Dad and I watched TV for a bit afterword... but it was way past my bedtime and I crashed.

(2/15) Lucky C scored a trip to Great Wolf this weekend to celebrate Jor's birthday.  I know he's doing to have a fab time!  I headed out for a run after they left and then came back and took the twinsies to the park.  We came home around lunchtime and then I put them down for a nap afterward.  It took them two full hours to actually decide they wanted to sleep.  Sigh.  I got them up and made dinner.  Then, since I had some more things to do, let them play in the bath and make a grand mess.  After they went to bed, and then teenager went up, I got to catch up on my TV.

(2/16) Happy President's Day! I am off today and plan to hang with the fam.  It's been so nice out lately that we'll probably hit the park or something later.

Monday, February 9, 2015


D (after walking through a puddle): Now the puddle is in my shoe!

(2/3) Work day for Dad & me and Kathy had the boys.  We went straight home and I fixed dinner and spent some time with all the kiddos before bedtime.  

(2/4) Work day for Dad & I was off with the kids today.  I decided we'd check out Preschool Storytime at the library, since Toddler is only supposed to be through 2 years.  Yeeeaaah... they're not ready for Preschool yet.  J burst into tears when we went in and screamed through If You're Happy and You Know It. Once he calmed down and the librarian had gotten out the felt pieces to go on the story board, J wandered right up front to "help."  He pointed to each planet and would run back to me to repeat what she said.  I managed to get him to come sit for a bit, but then D decided to leave and opened the door and high-tailed it back to the children's section.  Once the librarian moved to Twinkle Twinkle and handed out stars for the children to wear, J went around and tried to take everyone's star and put them up on the felt board....because they were made of felt, and that's where felt goes!  I eventually took them out and let them play in the children's section until the toys got pulled out at the end, which was definitely more their style.  I made them lunch and then put them down for a nap after we got home.  After we collected C from school, Nanan arrived to watch the boys while I ran the teenager out to her appointment.  Nanan stayed afterward and we had a nice chat.  Today.. this week has been full of UGH.  Treading water is the name of the game right now.

(2/5) Work day for Dad & me and Sarah eventually ended up with all of our boys.  They were all very annoyed that the kids' club at the gym was full and couldn't take our herd, and Sarah & I were equally annoyed to miss Zumba....  But it did make for an earlier evening for us.  Oh well.  The boys all tried to convince me they needed yet another dinner when we got home (these same boys had just whacked *3* boxes of Mac & Cheese less than an hour earlier).  Nice try, kiddos.  

(2/6) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  He took the teenager to a dentist appointment and then spoiled us all with lunch from Skippers.  Once again it was hard to go back to work and not crash into a food coma :)  After work, Dad went out and got supplies for shrimp tostadas.  They were awesome! We spent a quiet night in and watched TV and played with the kids.  

(2/7) Hockey practice for C & a visit for the teenager today.  Otherwise, we didn't do a whole lot.  We planned for an informal gaming night tonight, but ended up watching hockey with Marc and Rob instead.  

(2/8) C had a game at the crack of dawn today.  Early games do not make for an engaged skater.  We'll just leave it at that.  After Dad & C got back from the game, I took off for my run and the littles got to hang at home.  Once I got back, I fixed lunch for the munchkins and put the littles down for a nap.  I sat down with a book and hours disappeared.  Lazy Sundays are the best!  Dad had taken the day off so we could go to the Silvertips game tonight.  Nanan came to watch the littles while we were out and they seemed to have a great time.  While we were at the game, a gal approached us and gave us four tickets to the after game Skate with the Tips!  We got the bigs skates and C skated the teenager's hat around for autographs and she let him sign it as a reward.  So sweet!  

w/ #15 Kohl Bauml
Skate with the Tips
(2/9) Back to work with Dad & me today, bigs have school and the littles are going to Sarah's. Whirlwind Monday in 3...2...1...