Monday, December 15, 2014

Decking the halls

D: Goodnight sweet-tea!
Me: Nite, Deedles.

Me: Hey hon...?
D: I not honey, I'm Dd!

Me: Do you want to be tucked in?
D: No, I no want tuck-tuck.
Me: Do you want a hug or tickles?
D: No, I no want tickles. I want poke-a-nose! 

Gave the littles paper towel rolls...
D: I need my telescope!

D: All gone coffee! Mom, do you need more coffee? More coffee? You put the coffee in the garbage. You put the coffee in the fuffin (filter). You put water in the garden (coffee pot). Mom, do you want coffee? Mom? Can I have juice?

Me: Nite, boys!
Me: We just got home from Grandma's.  It's time for a nap.
Me: Time to wake up.
D: I need. I need to go to Grandma's. I need a cookie from Grandma's. I need a cookie!

The teen and I were singing:
D (sighing): I need to go to Kathy's house.

Tooth fairy time!
(12/9)  Work day for Dad and me, school for the bigs and Grandma & Granddad had the kids since Kathy's house has come down with the plague.  Hope they are all feeling better soon!  The teen had a visit after school and there was some kind of miscommunication so it didn't end up happening, which just sucks. Grandma had made us a healthy and yummy dinner and we made cookies to help round it out. 

(12/10) Fun day - Nanan came down so we could take the littles to see Casper Babypants, who was playing at the library.  The auditorium was *packed*, but the littles marched right up in front and then spent most of the concert trying to storm the stage.  We ended up sitting on the front steps so we could grab twins as they were trying to sneak by.  We went back to the house for lunch and the boys went down for a nap. I got to visit with Nanan for a bit before heading out to grab the bigs for the teen's appointment.  The teen asked if I could drop her at a friend's house after homework and I agreed, and then I somehow managed to talk Nanan into staying a bit longer so I could put the boys to bed before I had to go pick her up.  The boys were nuts, so I am very glad she decided to stay.  It made things much easier! 

(12/11) Work day for me and Dad had the kids.  We met for Santa photos after work and again chose Military Day, which meant extra long lines.  I'm glad our picture turned out since we tried to rush through because my very new niece was hungry and fussy.  The boys went home with Dad and the teen and I stayed to visit with Nanan for a bit.  We couldn't stay for long since the teen had homework...  It wasn't the easy trip of years past. Maybe we need to find a different Santa.

(12/12) Work day for Dad and me, the bigs had school and Kathy had the littles.  C went to see a play with Nanan after school and the teen had amazing success with homework this week so had a friend over for the night.  They were working on art until after 11pm when I finally sent them upstairs.  I imagine they watched movies up there too.  I got engrossed in Orange is the New Black and binge watched most of the first season.  We're reading it for book club, so I have to be prepared.  ;)

(12/13) C had hockey this morning and the littles and I watched at least 20 episodes of LeapFrog.  I tried to catch some more Zzzs but D was having none of it.  He got all the kitchen utensils out, including the loud timer, and kept finding other things to get into.  After C got home, I went up to wake the teens and then we all were supposed to go over to Grandma & Granddad's for tree trimming, cookies and gingerbread houses.  The teens had stayed up pretty late last night so decided to go back to the friend's house and hibernate a little longer.  The boys and I had a lovely time at Grandma's though. The littles weren't real interested in decorating the tree (probably because they decorate/undecorate our tree many times a day), but they were into cookies and eating decorating their gingerbread houses! We stayed late and I didn't put the boys down until about 3:30ish and let them sleep until about 5pm.  D went to sleep crying for cookies at Grandma's and wanted to go back for cookies at Grandma's when he woke up. The teen reappeared right around when I went to put them back down for the night.  We watched some TV and called it a night. 

(12/14) C had an awesome game this morning ~ 2 goals this morning including a sweet shot where he managed to get the puck through a 6" opening.  Proud of our guy! Poor Jj got sick last night, so we spent a mellow morning watching more Frog.  I really hope none of the rest of us get it, or if we do, that it breezes through well before Christmas. We each took the bigs separately to Christmas shop and then to lunch.  Dad made us quite the feast tonight, which we decided was a pre-Christmas feast rather than Thanksgiving round 3.  The kids wanted to open a present last night since we said it was "pre-Christmas".  Ha, no. 

So naughty!  He ripped his mattress cover &
piled all his toys and blankets inside!
Hard at work
(12/15) Happy Monday.  I am at work, Dad had the kids and the bigs are at school.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The one in which we move up in the world.

Me: We're going home.
D: No, I not go to the treehouse!
J: Treehouse-castle!
D: Oooh, treehouse-castle!
J: Eye-cycle! 
D: MOTORcycle!
J: Eye-cycle!
D: Hi, Mommy!
Me: Hi, Dd!
D: No, I Dr. Dd! 
Me: Oh, excuse me, Dr. Dd!
C: Mom? Can I start a Santa list tomorrow?
Me: I think Santa has already been shopping.
C: No Mom, Santa makes all the toys.
Me: I think he's probably already made the toys then.
C: You know what I really want for Christmas?
Me: An X-Box One?
C: No, just a 100% off coupon at Toys R Us.
Me: You mean like a gift card?
C: No, I just want a coupon so I can go straight to the X-Boxes and take it up to pay and when they ask if I have any coupons, boom! 
Me: (laughs)
C: Or just two 50% off coupons will work too.
Me: Yep.  G'nite, bud. 

(12/2) Work day for Dad & me and Kathy had the kids.  Schedule changes are coming down the pike and none of us is happy about it.  I'm sure we can make it work, but GRRR, don't touch my routine! Thanks to Kathy & Sarah, I think we have it all figured out. 

(12/3) Work day for Dad and I had the kids.  I was in a piss poor mood with everything going on, so debated getting the Christmas decorations out before the tornadoes got up or after.  I opted for after and to read my book for a bit.  Just when I was about to get the twinadoes up, the teenager walked in.  She was supposed to have stayed after school. So I left the twins sleeping and ran to get C and got a call asking where the teen was en route. Ugh. Went over the teen's schedule again with her after I got home, and was mid-homework battle when Dad walked in.  Doors were slammed and we all went to our respective corners.  After the dust settled, the twins got up and I made dinner.  The teen went out for a bit and I pulled the Christmas decorations out.  The boys decorated the tree and I put up the lights and the Christmas bells. Merry Christmas? 

(12/4) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  I took a class after work and got home after the littles were in bed.  Sounds like everyone had a pretty good day and it did me some good to be away from it all. 

(12/5) Work day for Dad & me and Kathy had the boys.  The teen vegged in front of the television all afternoon, which let's be honest, I probably would have too on a Friday afternoon had I not had to work.  I picked up the boys after work and fixed dinner.  Nanan came to stay with the herd so I could go to book club.  Nanan said the herd was great and it was so nice to get out for a bit!

(12/6) I scored a peaceful day. Dad took C to hockey and then brought him back before leaving for work.  Nanan had stayed over so she could take C up to see the Polar Express today and the teen had a visit which had them all leaving around the same time.  The twins actually took a nap, so I did too.  Grandma & Granddad stopped by with boots and snow pants for the teenager so we're prepared for the next snow and the teen reappeared an hour or so later.  I ran her and a friend to the mall, then got to hang with my boys until it was time to go pick them up. 

(12/7) Great game for C today!  1 goal and 2 assists.  Dad took him to a birthday party at Elevated Sports this evening and the rest of us were supremely jealous!  I took the teenager, her friend and the twins up to visit Amber & Jake for round two of Thanksgiving festivities.  The teens had a great time doing art and the twins loved the playroom.  The littles ate a lot of snacks and then predictably didn't eat any dinner, but were magically hungry again at dessert time. Goofballs!  D told me he was going to take a nap every 2 minutes on the way to Amber & Jake's and then never did.  He tried to tell me he wasn't tired on the way home but was out before we hit the freeway.  Suuuuure, not tired at all.  They were refreshed after an hour's nap, so I put them in the tub to play until bedtime.

(12/8) Back to the grind.  I have work, Dad is off with the kids today and the bigs have school. Pass the vat of coffee.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Words & Our Week

J: Lookit, snow day!
D: Let's go to Grandma's and get boots!

D: Hi Mama, I'm the JJ!
Me: No, I'm not the mama.
D: No, you the mama!
Me: No, I'm the JJ!
D: Hi JJ!   

Me: Where is Deedles?
D: I don't know is.

D: Do you see Geoff, Mommy?
Me: Yes, I see Dad, Deedles.

D: Can I go to the Booger Cheese (Burger King)?

(11/25) Happy Birthday to Granddad! He cooked his own dinner and invited our herd over to celebrate.  I can't believe he puts up with all of us :p  They even grabbed the teen from school and got a jump on Thanksgiving mousse.  Yum!  The teen is very excited to cook something to bring for Thanksgiving and has been poring over our cookbooks.  We had a lot of fun and Grandma made delicious desserts.  I am going to have to run a bazillion miles by the time this week is over. 

(11/26) Early releases for the bigs, Dad had work and I had the littles. The teen decided on a chocolate truffle cake, and was dismayed to see we didn't have any cake mix and that she'd have to make the cake from scratch too.  We made a grand mess and sugared up the twins before putting them down for a nap, because cake.  Nanan arrived a little later to watch the boys while the teen and I went out for her appointment.  We fetched coffee after and then went home.  The teen was invited to a hockey game with a friend tonight and Nanan and I had a nice visit over dinner.  The teen made it up on the big screen for the second time in a row, and the Tips won, so that was a treat!

(11/27) Happy Thanksgiving!  The teen, C & I went over to Granddad & Grandma's and had a really lovely time visiting.  Dad and the twin tornadoes came after nap at 3pm for dinner.  The littles didn't really want to sit for long and were soon making loops of the house.  Somebody had the great idea to gate off the bottom of the deck, so they could use the full race track, looping in the house and then back outside.  I just stood in the center while they ran in and out, and it was all good.  One of Grandma's cousins brought a 20-lb chocolate turkey to share.  The kids all got to bust into it with hammers and then eat crazy amounts, and THEN have dessert too.  Dad took the boys home totally wired on sugar.  The teen and I stayed and watched the game and then headed home to collapse in a food coma.  Very fun day!

(11/28) The teenager's sisters' foster mom (got all that?) invited the teen up to spend the night, and Nanan invited C to go up and stay with her, so I took the bigs up north and dropped them.  We thought we were being all ahead of the game since the teen's brother's party was the next day, and Nanan had plans for Sunday so I figured I would collect the bigs after their respective fun days Saturday afternoon.  Well Mother Nature decided to foil everything and flood, making it so the brother's family couldn't get out and the party having to be rescheduled to Sunday. We decided to stick with the original pickup plans, particularly since adventures in homework still needed to occur, and that we'd just drive the teen up for the party on Sunday.  Long story short, the littles and I scored a quiet night all to ourselves.  I can't tell you how much I needed that! After I put the little guys to bed, I caught up on my book and actually feel ready for book club next week ;)  I had to re-read the book because I had forgotten how it ended...

(11/29) So it snowed over night.  We got about 3-4", but it melted off the roads pretty fast.  I took the littles out to see it and then brought them in for hot chocolate.  Sarah and I then went out for a walk in it and got some coffee.  I was supposed to run a half marathon this morning, but bailed after seeing the terrible weather yesterday and the snow forecasted for today.  I haven't trained, so really, it wasn't a huge deal.  After Dad went to work, Granddad called to see if I wanted to take the littles sledding.  We were all set to bum around until we had to load up to get the bigs, but I put us back in snow gear, chiseled the car out and we went over. Grandma had them open an early Christmas present of brand new light-up Spider Man snow boots!  Very much needed :) We tested them out by sledding in their front yard.  There was just enough of a hill that it was perfect!  D is very cat like in that he wants to play outside when he's inside and to go in when he's out.  He kept running off to the door, but J played for a while.  We stayed for lunch and had a nice visit.  I then went up north and the littles conked en route.  We met Nanan and the teenager at the "Booger Cheese" (Burger King) and grabbed C and the teen to head back home.  I told the bigs about sledding this morning and they were jealous, so I called up Grandma & Granddad to see if we could come back for round 2.  We did and the bigs got a turn while the littles and I holed up inside to watch Finding Nemo. D and C were disasters, so after we had dinner and wore out our welcome, I took us all home.  We bailed on the Apple Cup party (sorry, Sarah!), and caught up on some TV we missed earlier in the week after all the boys had gone to bed. 

(11/30) The teen was sure glad she went to the hockey game on Wednesday, so she didn't feel too bad about missing the game with us tonight so she could go to her brother's birthday party instead.  They went bowling and it sounds like they had a lot of fun!  I drove her up early and Dad drove the littles over to Grandma & Granddad's to make cookies and we went to the game.  Tips lost in OT.  The goal tender stood up and knocked the puck back between his legs.  Ouch.  It was still a fun night out, even if we lost.  The teen did her hair and some more homework after everybody got home.  I've decided she can do her own hair and deal with the consequences.  So it's uh, a splotchy blond now.  We're going with 'she meant to do that'. 

(12/1) Yikes, December already? It's Monday, which means I have work.  Dad has the kids and the bigs have school.  I feel like we have a lot to cram in this month and not a lot of month to do it.  So I'm pre-loading the coffee.  Wishing Oma a very happy birthday today!  Wish we could be there to celebrate with you!