Monday, October 27, 2014

October 21st-27th

(10/21) Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the boys.  The bigs had school and the teenager has play rehearsal for three nights after school this week.  It's gonna be a busy one!  We skipped court this morning since we weren't required to be there.  Sounds like we have the teen for another six months.. which was a good and a hard thing for the teen to hear.  Totally understand that.  Now boarding for the emotional roller coaster to come.  Wee. 

(10/22)  I got to meet my brother and SIL (and of course their cute boy!) for coffee today to catch up on all that has been going on with them.  I left the twinsies with Dad and was not responsible for anyone but myself for a few hours.  After a nice visit, I headed home to collect the littles.  I decided to take them to the Children's Museum.  I used to take C all the time and they are at the perfect age for it.  I re-upped our membership to make dropping by when we have free time possible :)   The boys had a great time!  They were so hyped after the museum that they didn't nap though... and of course were bananas the rest of the day.  D had just drifted off to sleep when it was time to go grab C, so he was pouty and J was just screamy and let me tell you how fun that car ride was.  I got an important phone call on the way home and may have answered it in a car filled with screaming children because I thought it was a telemarketer. OOPS.  I told her I'd call her back in 10, rushed home, put the littles back in bed and called her back. Nanan came a while later so I could go grab the teen from rehearsal and then run her to her appointment.  We grabbed pizza on the way home, fed everyone and started the assembly line for baths and bedtime.  Exhausting. 

(10/23) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  Dad planned movie night and we watched Rise of the Guardians and Divergent tonight.  Rise of the Guardians was very cute.  I enjoyed Divergent, but this was my third time seeing it... plus I've also read the books, so I played Words with Friends through most of it. We had a lovely evening until we got our communication pathways crossed and everything blew up and ended on a sour note. 

(10/24) Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the boys.  I got to telecommute today and it was awesome!  I got a ton of work done, didn't have to fight traffic and had a pretty quiet day with the pooches.  There was a school shooting today about 15 miles from my home. I listed to the coverage for an hour or so, but finally had to turn it off.  It was just too hard to listen to.  My thoughts are with all affected. I wasn't sure how much the teen had heard and was prepared to talk about it, but she didn't mention it. She came home with all these plans, but had no idea how she was going to get herself there, or home, what time things started/ended... you know, basically any of the important details.  So after what felt like pulling teeth, we got squared away for the evening.  I had book club, Grandma & Granddad were coming to watch the boys and I needed to ferry the teenager in the opposite direction from book club to a friend's house so she could later go skating. I was fit to be tied by the time I made it to book club... thanks ladies for all the laughter and letting me vent!  The wine helped too ;) 

(10/25) C had practice this morning and the rest of us bummed around in our jammies until he got back.  I had a book on hold and the teenager has been wanting to go to the library, so we trekked over there.  The teen got a pile, C found a fun book and the littles had a great time yelling that they found Nemo!  (beautiful fish tank in the children's section)  J was a very sad boy when we left and put on his best pout face, looking very much like his older brother in doing so.  We had just enough time to grab some lunch and go home and fix it before the teen left for her visit.  After lunch, I put the twins down and sat down to read and promptly fell asleep.  C has been working in the programming section of Khan Academy and entertained himself for a few hours.  The teen returned and we made up dinner and had a quiet night at home.  It was gross outside, so none of us was very interested in going out.

(10/26) Fun day today! C had hockey this morning.  The teen requested a sleep-in morning, so we headed out and left her at home.  C got one goal and made some nice plays.  After we got home, we packed up to go for pumpkins.  My brother even made it and we joked that we should find Santa too, while we had everyone!  So what if there are jack-o-lanterns in the picture...they're Christmassy enough, right?  I had forgotten the River Run was this morning so our normal route to Snohomish was all blocked off, but we eventually made it to Stocker Farms. Usually we go around the corner and do all the fun things at the farm, but it started to pour so we headed over to Granddad's for pizza and pumpkin carving.  The twins were much more interested this year and made it through about half of the process.  I got them a kit where you hammer in clear plastic golf tees and they shine the light from inside.  The bigs selected a vampire and a skull, and I grumped at C because he quit about a quarter of the way in and I had to finish his pumpkin.... and he always picks the hard ones!  Oh well. We had fun :)   After we got home, I left most of the kids with Dad and the teen and I went walking for Sbux with Sarah and her kiddos. We finished the night out with a healthy dinner of nachos and called it a day.  The littles didn't get a nap today and were almost completely out by the time C went up.  That never happens, and usually I have to go up there at least fifty times and tell them to simmer down before all is finally quiet.   

(10/27) Monday again, my old friend.  Work day for me, shortened school days for the bigs (conference week), and Dad has the littles.  Granddad and Grandma are going to come hang out later while we go to the teenager's conference.  Oh boy, oh boy!

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 14th-20th

(10/14) Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the boys.  I got to leave work early to attend a wedding shower for our boss at Village Wines.  So happy for her, and it was fun to visit and get to know her better!  And redoing lost homework with the teenager isn't quite so laborious after a glass of wine, I have to say.  Dear teenager, stop doing that.

(10/15) Work day for Dad, school for the bigs and I had the littles.  We went to Story Time at the library and because it was kind of yucky, came home for lunch and I napped them early.  They are nap striking now, so they didn't go to sleep for over an hour, but by then Nanan had arrived and I was on to the busy part of my day. I collected the teen, stopped for snacks, grabbed C and then took the teen to her appointment.  C got a start on his reading and then busied himself with my iPod.  We had a good session and looking back this week has been much better emotionally.  So yay for that. After that, we ran and got coffee for Nanan and went home to a crockpot dinner (thanks, Dad!). Nanan stayed and we got homework and various things done and had a pretty good night.   

(10/16) Work day for me, school for bigs and Dad had the kids.  The teen stayed after school to catch up on some work, and then had a visit from her social worker.  Annnnd everything went to heck shortly after.  After I got the littles to bed, I dragged her downstairs and we got started on homework.  Poor love... she's really missing her family.  Can't imagine. Anyway, we got what we could done and called it a night.  It'll be better tomorrow. Has to.

(10/17)  Work day for Dad & me, school for the bigs and the littles went to Kathy's.  C had Lego Camp after school and is really loving it.  I'm hoping to switch to telecommuting Fridays so that I can save myself a couple of hours of commuting and get to see all my kids much sooner after work. Fingers crossed that that'll go through!  Right now we're not getting home until 6p, and then it's a whirlwind of dinner, homework shenanigans, and bedtime that zoom by in a blur. 

(10/18)  I slept in this morning and it was glorious.  I stumbled upstairs when the big boys headed out for hockey.  The teenager joined us a while later and we all watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  Be jealous.  The teenager had a visit today and left around noon for that.  C pestered me about giving him more math for so long that I set him up on Khan Academy (online classes on a variety of subjects) so he would be out of my hair for a bit and I could read my book.  50% of the way through 2nd grade math, I told him he should probably stop so he'd have something left to learn this year.  He was all psyched to change up his character.  After the teenager got back, I made dinner for us all and then took the twins to a training class.  They got to go play in the day care and I went upstairs to listen to a speaker.  Last time we came, we went to pick up C upstairs and got popcorn, so the boys assumed we were going up again for popcorn.  I told them we should stop and get some cookies or ice cream and called the bigs to see which they'd prefer.  They voted for ice cream.  The littles helped pick - strawberry for J and peanut butter chocolate for D.  J was absolutely crushed when we left the store with our ice cream that we didn't also get cookies.  And then his pink ice cream wasn't pink enough. So more drama there.  D was WIRED after ice cream...and because I'm a quality parent, I sugared them up and put them to bed.

(10/19)  Caught a run / Starbucks stroll with Sarah before heading home to wake the rest of the house.  C had a hockey game this morning and the teenager wanted to go to church, and the littles were just awake.  The teenager ended up not feeling so hot, so we spent the morning in our jammies instead.  The teenager and I went to a baby shower for my newest nieceling due next month. It was put on by all the grandmas and was lovely. I'm so excited for them! After it was over, we headed home where some of our friends had arrived for game night.  We have got to get back into hosting more, since we always go too long without seeing everyone. I ended up running interference for the 3 year old tornadoes until they went to bed, and then sat and read my book and visited while the others finished their game. We had fun, and hopefully we can do it again soon!

(10/20) Yay, rainy Mondays!  I can't tell you how much I enjoy a 95 minute commute.  Excellent way to start the day.  Dad has the kiddos today, bigs have school and I finally made it.. so I guess I should get to it.

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 7th-13th

(10/7) Work day for Dad and me, school for the bigs and the littles were with Kathy.  Tonight was a whole lot of not fun.  The teenager is convinced she does not need an education and will marry rich and can stay home and be a housewife. Sorry, sister, that does not get you out of school while you're with us.  I bribed us both with ice cream to power through.  It wasn't pretty, but we got it done.

(10/8) Work day for Dad, school for the bigs and the littles and I had the day to play.  We hit Gymagine for some jumping and invited Granddad and Grandma to come too.  Us grownups aren't allowed to play on the equipment, so we tried not to jump as we chased the twins.  We hit Starbucks for a snack and then parted ways. I ran the littles over to the park and then we came home for lunch and nap.  The littles were so keyed, it took them a good hour to calm down and go to sleep.  Nanan arrived so I could run over and grab the teen from school, collect the boy and then get the teen to her appointment.  After a productive session, we came home for dinner.  It was a fun & busy day!

(10/9)  Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos. Dad had a full day of chauffeuring the kids and getting the car worked on.  We almost met up so I could have a carpool kiddo in the back, but it didn't work out.  I went to a class after work and Dad went home to make an awesome dinner. Shrimp and fettuccini are faves of mine! I watched a little TV, but I was battling sleep and finally gave up and turned in. 

(10/10)  Work day for Dad and me & Kathy had the boys.  No school today for the teen or the big boy.  The teen said she had an epic day of laziness.  I'm jealous!  She got dinner ready for us so it was ready to be dished out when we got home.  We had a nice dinner, time whizzed by and all the sudden it was all of our bedtimes.

(10/11) Happy Birthday twinsies!  D wished everyone a happy birthday too. Funny guy!  After a delicious breakfast, we let the twins open the "birthday box" (because I'm lazy and didn't wrap it...), which had two bigger dump trucks to drive around.  They come with Megabloks and the twinsies loved the one we gave to their cousin last month. I got some cupcakes started while the circus carried on in the living room. Sarah came over midmorning and brought a whack-a-mole cup game that D & J played allll day. J carted around the hammer and all the cups in his truck and, of course, refused to share.  Nana sent them a fire station and jungle play set, which also joined the cups and Megabloks in J's truck.  After playing hard all morning, I got lunch together and got the twins in bed just before the teenager left for her visit.  I needed the littles to nap early because I signed C up for a class at the library on Lego Animation.  I mistook where it said GRADES 4-8 and thought it meant ages when I did so.. He is a little young, but they said he could stay, and he had a ball.  I'll post the link to his movie once it's posted.  The twinsies love the library, and we stayed in the children's section for a while and then ran out to get a snack at the store and balloons for the birthday boys.  We took them home so they wouldn't fly away again (we nearly lost them in the store when J set them free, but the fan blew them back down where a nice man caught them for us).  I let them play for a while and then we packed up and went back to the library to grab the boy, then home to meet the teen, fix dinner and have more cupcakes.  Shew!

(10/12) It was a hang around in your jammies kind of morning.  Dad ran the teenager to church and I stayed home and kept my cold to myself.  Stupid cough kept me up half the night.  The littles played all morning and I can tell we've hit 3 because I had to put them in timeout for throwing about seventeen times for throwing.  It doesn't help when big brother gets them started either.  Dad came home with soup and grilled cheese supplies and I got lunch started for everyone while he was fetching the teenager.  We had lunch and then spent some quality time with our books while the littles napped.  I woke some sleepy boys up to go to an early dinner at El Paraiso to celebrate with our entire family.  Oma & Opa were in town and we haven't seen them since last Christmas, we think.  The twins have grown just a little bit since then ;)  Grandma, Granddad, Nanan, Jake, Amber, Ryker & Shannon all came too.  The twins ate their weight in chips and beans, and then didn't want dinner.  Because bean dip.  We had a great dinner and the twins got some awesome new toys and jammies.  We broke out all their gifts when we got home and D insisted that I get the bubble machine going right away.  We went through half of the bottle of solution.  Those boys LOVE their bubbles! Oma and Opa came back to visit with us a bit, and we all shouted to be heard over the laughter and trucks being zoomed around the living room.  Good times!  Love my family! 

(10/13) Yawn.  To work with me, school for the bigs and the littles are with Dad today. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

September 30th-October 6th

(9/30) Work day for Dad and me, but first I took the teen to court.  All that travelling for it to be continued.  Yaaaaaay.  Got the teen to school and myself to work.  C had school and Kathy had the littles.  Picked them up after and met the teen at home.  She had not only started dinner but had cleaned the kitchen!  I asked her whose house I walked into and thanked her.  Nice surprise :)  After dinner, we hit the books and got everything done we needed to and then hit the hay. 

(10/1) Whirlwind Wednesday again.  School for bigs, work for Dad and Story Time for littles and me.  We grabbed a picnic lunch for the park after Story Time.  It was threatening to rain and was kind of cold, so we didn't stay too long.  The littles were ready for nap by then anyway, so home we went.  Nanan came to watch them while I grabbed the teenager and C from their schools and took the teen to her appointment.  C got his reading and gaming time in while we waited and then we headed on home. Nanan joined us for dinner and stayed for the chaos that is typical for our evening.  By the kids' bedtime, I'm beat.

(10/2)  Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  Dad and I were supposed to go out to dinner, but Dad came down with something awful and he banished himself downstairs after I got home.  Bigs and I had a nice dinner together and watched some TV.  We know how to party. 

(10/3)  Work day for Dad & me and Grandma and Granddad had the kiddos.  C had Lego camp after school today, and was only disappointed that he didn't get to build life-sized cars. Grandma took the twins shopping and distracted them with some really fun books that have buttons to push periodically throughout the story.  She also got them some new cars, which are always a huge hit in my house!  She had everyone fed, cupcaked and ready for the next part of the evening by the time I got home.  Dad brought home dinner part 2 and we took the bigs out to see the Tips' home opener!  It was a close game and we lost 25 seconds into OT.  Sigh.  The bigs danced their way onto the Jumbotron tonight.  Wish I had my camera out.  Oh well. 

(10/4) C had hockey this morning and the rest of us stayed in our jammies until the big boys got home.  We scoped out some Halloween options online and decided on a fieldtrip to Value Village before committing.  We scored big at VV.  J was excited about the fish and horsey costumes in the store.  Not so much when I tried to put them on at home ;)  The teenager is going to be a vampire princess, C a ninja, D will probably be Nemo and J will either be a horse, or I'll see if I can find a cape so he can be "Super On" (aka Super Man), which he loves.  I am going as a frazzled mom since I already have the costume.  We stopped for some lunch at the store and went home to cook it and put the littles down for a nap.  I had to wake them at 4:45p!  Tired boys!  I decided it was leftover night, so the kids helped clean out the fridge and I didn't have to cook.  Worked for me!  Then we sat down to watch some TV together and called it a night. 

(10/5)  I had coffee with the ladies this morning - fun to see them!  Dad took C to hockey where he played right-wing for the entire game.  He scored a goal against his friend who was doing a heck of a job fending almost everything off.  I had bribed the teenager to watch the littles for a short while this morning and returned with an eggnog latte for her in payment.  C used the afternoon to "modify" his bike ~ he really wants to motorize it, but settled on putting cardboard noisemakers on it.  He and I then joined Sarah & her daughter out on the trail for a cruise out by the river.  It was a pretty afternoon!  The littles were still zonked after we got home, so I actually got to sit down and read for a bit before they got up.  Then it was on to Sunday chores, dinner and 'encouraging' the children to get their chores and homework done.

(10/6) Work day for me, school for the bigs and Dad has the littles today.  Kicked my morning off with a 100 minute commute.  I'm glad I made coffee before I left.  Here's to a better and more productive rest of the day!