Monday, November 24, 2014

Words & Our Week

Dad buys Cocoa Puffs
Me: Nolas and yogurt?
D (demonic voice): NO, I WANT CHOCOLATE!

Trying to put D to bed:

D: NO, I NO WANT NIGHT-NIGHT, DDs wants to go to Grandma's and have chocolate!
Me: No, it's night-night time.
Me: Not tonight. On Tuesday.
D: *tears*
Me: Two sleeps.
D: Oh okay. Good night, Mama.

Putting D down for a nap
D: Love you!  Sweet dreams!

Giving D a hug when he doesn't want one...

The teen steps on the ropes next to D
D: Please, teen, get off of me!

Trying to give the teenager a hug when she doesn't want one...
D: Hug?
Teen: NO!
D: Hug?
Teen: NO!
D (crying to me): Deedles wants to get a hug!

Me: And our day has gone to $hit.
J: $hit!
Dad (glaring at me): Parrot.
J: Parrot!

It's a good look, no?
(11/18) Work day for Dad & me, and Kathy had the boys.  Tuesdays are long and I don't get home with the boys until 6pm.  The teen usually starts a simple dinner, and learned this week that reading the instructions helps.  I'm thankful for the help, and for the smile when it goes awry.

(11/19) 3 year old checkup for the littles.  We were early for our appointment, and D was an absolute booger.  He kept going out the door and turning the lights on/off.  They were running behind, so it was about a half hour of that to enjoy.  Thankfully, they put us in the room with the piano, which is one of their faves.  But once the doctor came in, and while I was holding J, D opened the door and took off, not once but TWICE.  He made it all the way past the front desk and out the office door before I was able to put J down and go get him.  Both are 33lbs and 38-39".  Didn't get the percentages, but the doctor pronounced them healthy and off we went.  I stopped at the store for cookies for all of us, and D pitched a fit about NOT wanting a cookie... so that was fun.  Then through a mouthful of cookie on the way home, he said that he wanted to go to Grandma's and have more cookies.  I called Grandma up to tell her and she asked if we were on our way over. So off we went!  We had more cookies at Grandma's and the boys rearranged their spices as they do on every trip.  Home for a quick nap, which I rudely interrupted when it was time to go get C.  The teen had a visit from her social worker tonight.  We were going to go shopping after, but someone neglected to get her homework in, so I was mean and said no. 

(11/20) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  We had a movie night tonight and watched Earth to Echo (very cute) followed by Catching Fire, since the teen had not seen it.  She wants to see Mockingjay, but I've heard it's not that great. Hum...

(11/21) Work day for Dad & me and Kathy had the boys.  I telecommute on Fridays and was home when the teen got done with school.  We lasted a whole 40 minutes before she got mad at me and stormed off.  She decided on a nap while I finished working, and I let her know I was going to get the boys and to please pull dinner out when the timer went off.  Dinner was fine, but she resumed being mad at me after dinner when I said something about homework again. 

(11/22) Dad and C left early for hockey pictures and practice.  The teen, twinsies and I made a run to Michaels for some birthday gifts.  The bulk of her family has birthdays close together, so they were going to celebrate today at the visit.  The teen put together gifts for everyone and was picked up early to go to an extended visit.  Dad dropped C by and headed out to work.  The boys and I made cookies for snack before lunch.. because that's how we roll.  The teen's visit was cut heartbreakingly short, and I got a text that she would be back early.  The twins took 2 hours to finally settle and go to sleep, and finally went down shortly before she got home. I offered to take us all out to the buffet to salvage a bust of a day. We let the twins sleep a little longer and then got them up and headed to the restaurant only to get there and see for lease signs on the door.  Ugh.  That was the teen's favorite too.  We headed to the store and grabbed some Chinese instead and went home to eat.  After dinner, Grandma came to get the bigs to take them to a play at the high school that the teen wanted to see.  They drove over there, got seated and realized I sent them to the wrong high school.  Crap!  I just assumed... They ended up leaving at intermission because they were having a hard time hearing, and they were right up in front.  Grandma took them for ice cream.... but man, today was cruddy all around. 

(11/23) C had hockey this morning.  I changed back into my jammies and bummed around with the littles while the Dad & C were at his game.  Dad called after and wanted to go for lunch.  The teen, twins and I piled in the car and went to Skippers where we ordered more food than we could all eat (which is a rarity!).  After lunch, the teen and I took the twinsies to the park to play since we had a moment of sunshine, and then we headed home for nap. The teen was out for the afternoon, but came back to go shopping with Dad. Mid-afternoon she called a friend and made some plans we deemed not feasible and she lost it.  Outburst train right on schedule.  Wee.  I think we're good now, and the dust has settled... so on to the next battle! 

(11/24) Short week on deck this week.  I am working today, Dad has the kiddos and the bigs have school.  Looking forward to all of the festivities planned :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Words & Our Week

Me: C'mere, maniac
D: I am not a maniac, I Dd!
C: I'm gonna create a technology that's faster than light!

D: More eggnog?
Me: ONE cup. 
D: No, two!
D: Where did Dad's brains go?
Good question :)
D: Get the beans outta my brains!
J: Nolas and o-gurt?  (granola + yogurt)
D: It's my tiger-tastic car! (because it's orange)
D: It's coffee!
Me: No, it's tea.
D: It's tea-coffee!
D: Mama want more coffee?
Me: Always.
Me: Aww, but it will be cute!
D: No, I don't want cute!

(11/11) Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the boys. I got to go play today since we had a staff retreat.  We went to Redhook for lunch and then out to the Drunken Easel for some wine & painting.  The teen claimed my painting pronto (it's on the left).  LOL!  She had drama after school and Granddad and Grandma picked her up after and took her home with them.  She picked out a new recipe to try for dinner and we were all invited over to try it out.  She picked chicken pot pies.  YUM!  My brother and sis-in-law are staying with my folks, and it was fun to hang with them for the evening.  My poor sis is very done with being pregnant ~ just a little bit longer! 

(11/12) Work day for Dad and I had the kiddos.  I got some stuff done around the house and we spent the morning at home, which is unusual for us.  The twins refused to nap until about 2pm and I had to wake them around 2:15pm so we could go get C... They were grumpy, but cheered up when I took us all to the grocery store for snacks and dinner supplies.  We made pizza, which was cooked and ready to be passed out by the time we collected the teen from drama practice.  Sure will be glad when this play is over.

(11/13) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  I woke to the news that my niece had arrived!  Congrats, Jake & Amber!!   Dad and I are attending opening night for the teen's play this evening. She's in Alice in Wonderland Jr.  I'm so excited!  Sarah graciously watched the boys when we had a change of plans at the last minute.  Seems the grandparents were just slightly tired after the middle of the night arrival of their new granddaughter ;)  The play was very cute!  Loved the costumes and the characters! 

(11/14) Work day for Dad and me, Sarah had the littles, and Kathy had C.  C got to go to the Children's Museum after school today with Kathy, and the teen had a performance for her play.  I dropped her at school, collected the twins, met C at home and then ran back to the school because the teen forgot her tights.  Weeeee.  Fed the kiddos and watched some TV with the boys while we waited to go grab the teen.  Finally got everyone home and closed the books on another whirlwind Friday.

(11/15) Today was busy, but really good.  C had hockey this morning, so he and Dad ran off to do that before Dad went to work.  The teenager had two play performances and had to be at school from 12:30-8:30pm.  Her sister was staying at a friend's house down the street, and the sister's foster mom offered to take the teen to school and attend the matinee performance.  The teen just missed seeing new baby cuteness that stopped by!  Jake, Amber & Ryker came by and I got to meet my new niece Isley.  She's just precious!  We visited for a bit and then Nanan arrived to collect C so they could go to the teen's play. They play was super and the teen's mom came and made her day.  Hurrah for that! <3  After Jake, Amber and the kiddos left, it was just the littles and I for the bulk of the day.   I put them down for a nap and had some quiet hours to myself.  The teen had a cast party after her last performance, so I kept the littles up until we needed to go get her.  Around 9:30p, Nanan and a very exhausted C came home and she decided she was going to stay over, which allowed me to get the boys in bed and us to visit before collecting a pretty ecstatic teen. So the play she didn't want to stick with turned out to be a cool thing after all.  Huzzah!  Granddad & Grandma picked up photo books at her play and they're just beautiful.  I know she will love them. 

(11/16) Productive/lazy day for us. C, Dad and Nanan went to hockey this morning and the littles and I bummed around in our jammies and the teen slept in.  We got a visit mid-morning from the teen's sister. The sister's friend's (got all that?) bday was today and the teen got to go along to the skating rink this afternoon for her party.  C and Dad went coat shopping and I held the couch down and made sure it didn't go anywhere.  The littles hooted and hollered their way through nap and J managed to flip his mattress over and get his arm stuck in the board below.  Sigh. I gave up and got wired toddlers up and put them in time out approximately 5,998 in the following few hours. They earned themselves an early bedtime.

(11/17)  And helllllo Monday.  I see you're up to shenanigans already. The teen overslept and missed her bus, Dad has to take the van in for service and has the littles while I work.  We are planning dinner out tonight, and I'm most definitely looking forward to that!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Words & Our Week


Me: Sorry, buddy, I can't fix it.
D: No, not the buddy!  I'm the Dd!
We've always called C buddy.  Guess we need a new nickname for the Deedles! 

Me: Do you want to go and get burritos for lunch or go to the store?
J: Store!
D: No, not the treehouse! (our house)  Want to go to the store-house! 

Me: Good morning! Do you want to get up?
D: I can't reach to get up.

Passing Burger King:
D: There's the Burger Cheese! 
Do I hear a bus, Dad? 

C: I'm internet famous!
Apparently the teenager posted videos of C on instagram. 

(11/4) Work day for Dad & me and Kathy had the boys.  Traffic was horrid and my day was terrible, so I stopped by the store to grab fixins for breakfast for dinner!  Because what else do you cook at 7pm on a Tuesday?  Breakfast was yummy, and the kids were happy so that helped turn a crappy day around.  Love my little people!

(11/5)  Work day for Dad and I had the kids.  The littles and I went to the library for Toddler Story Time, where they were oh-so-helpful and filled a desk with beanbags instead of participating and then later tried to get the bubble machine for the librarian, spilling it everywhere. We came home from our adventures for lunch and nap and I had to wake some very exhausted boys later so we could go get C from school.  The teenager came home not feeling so hot, opting out of drama practice tonight.  Nanan arrived to watch the boys for the afternoon so we could go to the teen's appointment.  After that, since her ankle was still bugging her from when she rolled it on Halloween, we hit the clinic for what we hoped would be a fast appointment.  Turns out the Immediate Clinic is not so immediate.  Over two hours later we finally had a doctor's note to get her out of running in PE and finally got to go home.  Nanan had put the littles to bed and C was headed in that direction.  I put dinner on for the teen and heated up some of the boys' dinner for myself.  Looong night. 

(11/6) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  The teen had drama and was home late, and I went to Zumba after work and was home even later. After the boys went to bed, we all watched a little bit of TV before heading to bed ourselves. 

(11/7) Work day for Dad & me and Kathy had the boys.  C got to go to a play tonight at the Children's Theatre in Seattle with Nanan.  Traffic was horrendous, and there was a miscommunication about C not being home while I was working (telecommuting) and pick-up was hectic... but it sounds like everyone got where they needed to be and had an okay time. C went up to spend the night with Nanan and the teenager watched lots of her shows and drew for most of the evening. I had my nose in a book and was more or less blissfully unaware of the teenager's brain-drain... er, TV. 

(11/8) We had the weekend off from hockey, so I took the opportunity to go to a Zumba class with an instructor I really like.  D was so not impressed that I got them up and then had to the nerve to leave without them.  After I came back, Dad left for work and the rest of us bummed around until lunch when C came home and the teenager left for her visit.  The littles took a monster nap and woke up just slightly before the teenager returned.  We then piled in the car to go run some errands.  We had make-up and hair dye to purchase, books to return and had to grab some garlic bread for "quesahaddi" (spaghetti) tonight... After the boys went to bed, we did round one of the teenager's hair (1. dye it black, 2. bleach the bottom half, 3. blue the bottom). While we were waiting for it to set, we watched the Fault in Our Stars.  Such a good movie!  Dad was super bummed to miss it, I know.

(11/9) Lazy day for all of us.  Dad made us eggs benedict for breakfast.  C specifically requested them, and then didn't care for them and tried to escape without eating anything.  D inhaled 3+ eggs (the plus because I asked if he wanted J's egg too and he said "Oh, yes please!").   After the littles went down, I ran some errands and then came home to my book.  C got to go over to Jor's to play for the afternoon and the teen was out so the house was very quiet for a bit. Then everyone came home and chaos ensued.  We bleached the teen's hair and it didn't come out light enough to put the blue on and she, of course, has a photo shoot for her play tomorrow.  So there was drama about drama.  Sorry, kiddo... A beautician I am not.

(11/10) Work day for me and Dad has the kiddos.  Bigs have school and the teen has drama until late tonight.  I think we'll all be relieved when the play is done.