Wednesday, September 17, 2014


J: Why?
D: Because!
J: Why?
D: Because!
J: Why?
D: Because!

D: Open my door-able!  (door)

Me: I see the water!
D: I see camping!

Passing a handicap parking space
D: I see the potty!

J: Can I have it, Super On? (Superman shirt)

J (runs around the room): Zoom!

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 9th-15th

(9/9) I took today off and promptly filled it with appointments.  Our first appointment of the day was with our teenager and it ran way longer than I anticipated.  So much so that I had to run home and grab the twinsies so Dad could go to work.  After it wrapped up, I picked up the teen and then finally got her to school during 5th period.  Yeesh.  The twins were horrified that I left her at the "library" and sobbed about not being able to stay and play.  It was way past lunch time, so we stopped and grabbed enough to picnic at the park and stayed through nap until it was time to go get C from school.  The teenager stayed after class to audition for the school play and called us to collect her later this evening.  She thinks it went well, so we're holding our breath for Friday! 

(9/10) Today was my normal day off, which I had also filled with stuff and things.  Dentist for me in the AM, then story time for littles with Nanan and then coffee and lunch for all of us before we collected the bigs from school.  Story time was a riot, as usual.  The twins ran around, tried to escape and didn't participate in anything except for a couple of songs. I'm really glad the librarian is understanding of toddlers and I don't worry about them not sitting with me and doing their own thing.  They crashed hard after lunch, and Nanan stayed so I didn't have to wake them.  C decided not to come out with his teacher and about gave me a heart attack.  He had gone back in and checked out a book that was way above his level.  When his teacher suggested that he probably wouldn't get through it, he told her that I would read it.  Uh, dear child, I don't think that's the point ;)  

(9/11) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  He took the littles in for hair cuts and I spent the day mourning J's curls.  They're still so cute, but look so much more grown up with buzzed heads.  I can't resist rubbing J's head now 'cuz it's so fuzzy.  I was home late today so didn't see them in person until I went up to read C's book.  Yeah, I don't think we're going to finish in time.  Can he just watch the movie?  (Eragon)

(9/12)  Work day for Dad & me, school for the bigs and Kathy had the boys.  The teenager made us dinner tonight and it was very good.  I had time enough to wolf some food down before Grandma arrived to watch everyone before book club this evening.   I'm glad I re-read the book (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) since I've read the whole trilogy and seen the movies and couldn't remember where the first one left off.  Good discussion, and of course good wine and desserts.  Fun evening! It sounds like Grandma had fun too!

(9/13) Last hockey tryout for C this morning before they start practice on their new teams!  We heard late today that he is a Mighty Mite and are so proud of him!  I had run about 8 miles this morning before I left and clocked another 2 chasing the twinsies around the rink during practice.  Needless to say, we all zonked at naptime.  We left just before dinner to stop and pick up something for my nephew's birthday this evening... because I'm prepared like that.  And off we went to Red Robin for dinner.  We had a great time and the herd was really well behaved for length of time we sat.  At the end, I let them get thoroughly sugared up with cupcakes and had to take them to the park to burn off some of it.  After that we headed home to collapse again. 

(9/14)  C and Dad headed to hockey this morning, the teen wanted to go to church so we dropped her and the littles and I headed to the park.  We returned in time to collect the teen and then go make lunch.  C came home and instructed me in the art of making sushi (wrap, but whatever....) and Dad went out shopping.  We putzed around for the afternoon and took care of Sunday chores.  For dinner, we emptied out the veggie bin and Dad found something to do with the fennel we got in our box last week.  He made the best cucumber fennel salsa!  I caught up on some TV after the littles went down.  I might be ready for season premieres this fall!

(9/15) Back to work with me today.  No more vacation planned for a while and I have to survive a whole normal week! Womp womp.  Dad has the kiddos today and we're supposed to be enjoying summer's last hurrah. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 2nd-8th

(9/2) We ended up with Kathy's boys last night and kept them until after breakfast today.  Dad & I both had to work, so Granddad and Grandma split the shift caring for kiddos today.  Granddad said they were all calm until I came home. Surrrre, likely story, Granddad ;)  They were cuckoo for me, but that's pretty normal.  And it was full speed from the time I walked in the door until we all collapsed at bedtime. 

(9/3) First day of school & happy birthday to our teen!  Got the kiddos off for adventures in 2nd and 7th grade.  Dad's feet look awful from where the sun scorched them when we were camping last week.  He decided to stay home today and hide from the big fiery ball.  In an effort to stay out of his hair, the littles and I hit the park with Sarah and her boys and then came home for lunch.  After nap, I went to pick up C and B from school and Dad was getting a run-down on the teenager's day when we got home.  Dad made us a yummy dinner and then retreated downstairs when the chocolate mousse arrived.  Grandma makes a delicious mousse! Thanks again for stopping by, Grandma & Granddad! Meant a lot to the birthday girl!  I apologized for sugaring up B when he was picked up, and my house was a total zoo with hyped up kids.  So I did the right thing, I put the littles to bed.  ;)   After they ran off some of that chocolate, of course. 

(9/4) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos. I caught a class at the gym before coming home, and got home after the littles had gone to bed. They weren't asleep though, so at least got to see them for the second story time of the evening (when C goes up).  Dad ran out and did some shopping and the teenager and I watched some TV.

(9/5) I took today off and managed to give myself a really slow start to school this year.  Got the teenager off before my run, took C in after and then came back for the littles so we could go meet Sarah & Jamie to bounce at Gymagine.  They crack me up - we bring them to play at the gym and what is their favorite thing?  The water fountain.  Sigh.  After they bounced their hearts out and got soaked, we went over to Sarah's to hang and then have lunch. After lunch we went home for a quick nap, then collected C from school and met the teenager.  She finished up all she had to do before she was off to visit friends and C and I sat down for the first of this year's battles over homework.  Yay.  Think I have some better strategies for dealing with homework now, but sheesh.  He complained for three times the amount of time that it actually took to write it out. 

(9/6) First day of tryouts for C this morning.  Dad took him and then I brought the littles to the end of practice so Dad could continue on to work.  I have a really hard time watching C practice when I have the littles, since my attention is just slightly divided.  We stopped for 'delicious' (ice cream) at the store and got back in time for the teenager to head off to her visit.  I had gone running this morning and always seem to choose the days I run as the days I need to be productive and accomplish something during nap.  When will I learn that this is never a good idea?  Anyhow, once the teenager returned and had cleaned her room, she decided on a trip to the mall with a friend.  We had just sat down to dinner when she called to ask us to come get her.  Yaaaay, drama.  Off we went to collect her and then came home to finish dinner and start on delicious.  What was left of the evening went well, at least. 

(9/7) I've been so excited for today ~ I got to meet some recently discovered family members this morning! We gabbed all morning and hopefully can do it again soon!  C had his second day of tryouts for hockey, so Dad took the herd and got in his workout chasing after the toddlers, who now refuse to be confined to the stroller.  They were down for a "nap" by the time I returned, and by nap I mean talking and squealing in their cribs.  The teenager had a friend come and we had a lovely afternoon hanging out, followed by dinner and Slurpees for the bigs.  I caught the rest of my family up on today (and Sarah I'm lumping you in with family!) and finally settled in for the night.  You know it's been a good day when your cheeks hurt from smiling. 

(9/8) Yawn.  It's Monday again?  Didn't we just do the Monday thing?  I am working today and Dad has the kiddos.  Here's to another week!

Friday, September 5, 2014


D: The sky is the sun!

D: No hockey today in the sun.

Sarah: Are you gonna come play with us today?
D (sighing): Okay.  I go play.

D: I see trees!  I love trees!

Sees a Starbucks logo: 
D: Mama's!

D: I love coffee!
Sees teenager stumble out & puts it in front of her: J***'s!

Going up the hill pushing bikes/strollers:
Sarah: I think your mama wins the prize for the heaviest load.
C: Why?
Me: Because I'm pushing your brothers!
C: I have paper on my bike and that makes it slightly heavier.
Me: Slightly.

C: If this car is still around when I can drive, I want it. It only costs $600,000.
Me: Yeah, that'd be a great first car.  (SSC Ultimate Aero)

Monday, September 1, 2014

August 26th-September 1st

(8/26) Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the kiddos.  The girls' visit was canceled this week, so we were hoping for a reasonably chill day without that emotional roller coaster...  And it went fairly well, along with the usual drama.

(8/27) We're celebrating today!  Our teen's birthday is next Weds when the kiddos start school.. She requested a b-day party at the house with a sleepover with a couple of neighborhood girls.  I farmed the middles out for sleepovers of their own (thank you!!) and had a house full of teens over for pizza and ice cream cake.  We had a very fun time and I think our teen felt pretty celebrated :)

(8/28) So I alluded to some changes coming a couple of weeks ago... and today was the day.  Our younger foster kiddo changed homes to be with her younger sister this morning.  The stress level has been super high here and we have been struggling.  We and everyone involved in the girls' case hopes that this move is in everyone's best interest.  It was and has been really hard, but we'll stay in touch and the girls will still see each other every week at visits.

After I got off work tonight, we headed out to dinner wherein we whacked 6 rolls of sushi in under 3 minutes.  Eeep!  I admit to being totally distracted by the set of newborn twins at the next table over.  I miss my little bits.

(8/29) Work day for Dad and me and Kathy had the kiddos.  We thought one less middle would be easier, but no.  The bigger boys were at each other all day and were big ol' grumps!  The evening was good though.  Got everyone bathed, packed, and we are set for tomorrow!

(8/30) We all scurried around and got packed to go this morning.  We were headed to the beach! We were admiring the "Space Spider" (Needle) and had got just down by Pike Street when we were slowed for another accident ahead of us.  We were rear-ended in our brand new trailer (well, new to us, anyway).  Dad about cried.  Because of the other accident, it took quite a while for a trooper to reach us.  We got everything sorted and then traveled further south to find a spot to pop up the trailer and see if it would still work.  The bumper was dented in, and the tow bar now points up on the van... but we're hopeful that the damage is minimal.  We popped up the trailer and decided it was okay enough to keep going.  A 3 hour drive took close to 6 with all the delays and torrential rain... but once we got there, it was beautiful!  We joined a neighboring campsite for dinner and birthday cake.  Their campsite was referred to as the "happy birthday site" after that and the boys kept returning to check and see if there might be more cake at every opportunity.  After dinner, we hit the beach!  Beautiful evening, but we had a major parent fail.  We walked the twinsies out into the water and a really big wave rolled in and soaked them both.  Doh!  J was *done* after that.  We stripped him of his clothes (diaper and boots is a classy look, yo!), but he was marching back home and wanted nothing more to do with the water after that.  After we got back and dried off, we started the fire for s'mores.  J was so exhausted, he just held his s'mores, but D on the other hand was buzzing around the site in no time!  We put them down, but they didn't sleep until after we had all gone to bed.  D kept going around the trailer "Mama asleep.  Dada asleep.  **** asleep.  Colton asleep.  J-j asleep.  YAAAAAAAYY!"  and continued that nonsense for a while before finally falling asleep.

(8/31) Got up and had breakfast and then hit the beach!  Another beautiful day - we had some patches of clouds and some fine mist at points, but it was very warm and pleasant.  Our teen, of course, made a friend.  She's been saying all weekend that she's a loner and that there was no one her age to hang with... and sure enough, she finds someone :)  We played on the beach until dinner time and then headed into town for all-you-can-eat fish and chips.  Poor twinsies were going on their second day of no nap and were almost asleep on their feet.  They perked up a bit with some sugar and food though. We also gave them s'mores before bed again.  Tonight our neighbors thought it would be a good idea to blast their music complete with disco ball ?!?!? in the middle of the woods.  We grumbled at them from afar until all the wood burned down and it was time for us to go to bed.  They finally shut off the music, but then the twins freaked when we turned off the light.  So that was fun.  They were so overtired.  Once everyone got settled, they slept just fine though.

(9/1) Home from camping today, and back to reality.  We are all covered in sand and looking forward to getting cleaned up.  The trip was a lot of fun and we had great weather for the actual camping part.  And aside from the accident, we all had a great time!  Jensen yelled "NO HOME!" when he saw where we were turning.  I think someone likes camping.